Coronavirus and Risk Management: Advice and Resources for Compliance Officers, Risk Managers and Boards

As risk managers and compliance officers grapple with the COVID-19 outbreak, We at CCI offer a growing compilation of articles for employers and compliance professionals concerning risk assessments for COVID-19 as well as every other aspect of a workplace response to the crisis.

The following resources for compliance officers, risk managers and HR professionals are sourced from CCI’s contributing authors and other GRC subject matter experts. This timely information focuses on dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in the context of corporate compliance, risk management and governance

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Cashless Payments: AML and BSA Risk Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more interest in cashless payments in the gaming industry, but casinos need to consider Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program implications prior to introducing this new payment option. Deloitte’s Matt Lappas discusses three key areas of...

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Maintaining Screening Compliance in a Recession

New and expanding legislation combined with COVID-19-related shifts in the labor market will present new hiring and talent management challenges in 2021. Corporate Screening’s Matt Jaye discusses a fresh approach, trends to watch and what employers can do to stay ahead of the curve. Though 2020...

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Compliance, Culture and COVID

GRC pros know that culture and compliance are inexorably linked. COVID has thrown a wrench in corporate culture, though (along with everything else). Calvin London opines about why re-establishing a culture of compliance now may prove difficult. (Non)Compliance in 2020 I, for one, was very glad...

Allianz: Risk Barometer 2021

Allianz: Risk Barometer 2021

A trio of COVID-19 related risks head up the 10th Allianz Risk Barometer 2021, reflecting potential disruption and loss scenarios companies are facing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Business interruption (BI) (41 percent) and pandemic outbreak (40 percent) are this year’s top business risks, with cyber...

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Financial Services Compliance in 2021

Behavox CEO Erkin Adylov unpacks compliance trends that financial firms would be wise to focus on amidst the ongoing challenge of flexible working arrangements in 2021. If they fail to adjust compliance protocols accordingly, these firms could face massive regulatory fines. 2020 was a year like...

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New Risks as COVID-19 Forces Rapid Technology Adoption

The COVID-19 pandemic has created urgency for organizations to ramp up digital adoption, but as they pivot entire service lines, digitalize operations and automate processes, they create unintended compliance risks. Baker & McKenzie’s Jessica Nall explains. The digital transformation of businesses around the world has been...

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COVID-19: Navigating the “CEO Moment”

Shanil Williams of AGCS examines how the ongoing global pandemic is affecting the C-Suite and what directors and officers need to know about claims in this environment. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is the often-brandished call-to-arms for corporate leaders to be brave in...

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Board in 2021

In the year ahead, organizations must prepare for the unknown so they have the flexibility to endure unexpected and high-impact security events. ISF’s Steve Durbin discusses what should be on the board’s radar in 2021. As new technologies emerge, organizations must adapt to the changing norms...

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Prioritizing Privacy During a Pandemic

Data privacy is as critical in a public health crisis as ever – if not more so. Schellman & Company President Avani Desai discusses what companies can do to ensure data privacy remains a focal point in the organization’s strategy. It’s official: we’re living through the...