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When managing global operations, companies must prepare two different accounting books for each country: one for internal reporting and one for local compliance purposes. weConnect’s Matthew Kyle explains how companies can avoid huge headaches and audit issues by marrying management and statutory accounting. Sponsored The Difference Between Management Accounting and Statutory Accounting As you may know, “statutory accounting” is the...

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Abstract design of AI in hiring

There's no doubt that AI in hiring has the potential make HR processes more efficient. But implementing this technology also carries with it significant risks that can nullify any workflow gains and carry outsized downstream consequences. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies hold so much promise for the workplace. Technologies exist that can (at least in theory) improve productivity, reduce or eliminate...

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The continued reliance on digital chat platforms is causing small and local governments to struggle to fulfill basic functions of open government. Marc Gilman provides a rundown of the situation and potential solutions. The reliance on videoconferencing platforms to conduct routine business continues to bottleneck the work of small and local governments (SALGs). Besides adding complexity, the communications on these...

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With data analytics in compliance, you don't need to boil the ocean. A concentrated program can deliver most of the outcomes of a large automated system but is significantly more affordable. As organizations maintain more data than ever before, it is no secret that the business can benefit from using data analytics to inform decision-making and support strategy initiatives in...

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