Compliance and International Arbitration: Once Separate, Now Inextricably Linked

Compliance and International Arbitration: Once Separate, Now Inextricably Linked

National and international arbitration venues and lower courts are now seeing corruption-related pleas, disclosures and settlement agreements introduced as evidence of corruption or misconduct. This means GRC professionals will need to collaborate with a new set of stakeholders: arbitration litigators. Often studied and practiced separately, the worlds of anti-corruption compliance and international dispute resolution are now intersecting. This is particularly...

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Q&A: For Effective Financial Crime Prevention, Build a Better Mix of Machines and Humans

To police financial crime, more businesses are incorporating artificial intelligence — machine learning, in particular — into monitoring, prevention and compliance programs. CCI interviewed Leslie Bailey, vice president of financial crime compliance strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, who insists the most effective programs are built on a foundation of advanced analytics driven by humans. Bill Millar (CCI): What are the...

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The Key to GDPR Compliance for Fast-Growing Companies Is a “Privacy First” Culture

GDPR fines hit hard in 2021, especially hammering fast-growing and evolving businesses for accidental or careless EU GDPR violations. Tugboat Logic's CISO, Jose Costa, explains how creating a privacy-focused culture can minimize risk. When the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted in 2018, it set a new bar for data protection and privacy rights, spurring the adoption of...

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Turning Crisis into a Catalyst: What the Pandemic is Teaching Companies and Compliance Teams About Innovation, Agility and Resilience

A strict focus on compliance can stifle creativity and innovation. But a work environment that encourages those traits is key to agility and longevity. The pandemic puts these attributes to the test, spurring business leaders to embrace change and disruption as powerful tools of competitive advantage. Compliance leaders and teams need to consider how they can sustain an ongoing role...

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DOJ is Using Existing Antitrust Law in Aggressive and Unconventional Ways. Compliance and the Board Should Take Stock.

Recent aggressive antitrust enforcement activity from the DOJ warrants re-evaluating whether existing corporate compliance programs adequately address organizational and individual antitrust risk. In particular, the DOJ is focusing more acutely on wages, wage fixing, non-compete agreements and related HR issues. These developments will require substantial engagement by the full compliance committee, including the chief legal officer and chief compliance officer,...

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Unpacking New Sets of Challenges for Compliance Committees: Renewed DOJ Focus on Corporate Crime and Antitrust

The Biden Administration is seeking to monitor and address two issues it considers mission-critical: punishing corporate crime and stimulating market competition. Each of these initiatives is likely to attract committed federal enforcement creating major challenges for the compliance committees of all corporate boards. In this first of a two-part series, attorney Michael Peregrine addresses corporate crime; next week, the spotlight...

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When Rights Collide: How to Respond — Legally, Ethically and Rationally — to Whistleblower Demands

A whistleblower alleges corrupt treatment by your company and demands payment or else they’re heading for the authorities. You aren’t aware of any wrongdoing and will need to investigate, but regardless, the clock is already ticking. Kevin Griffith, co-chair of the Whistleblowing, Compliance and Investigations Practice Group at Littler, offers a quick response plan.

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Are Broker-Dealers Acting in the Best Interests of Their Customers? ‘Not Yet,’ Says FINRA.

During its first-ever review of compliance with Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) found significant numbers of broker dealers failing to achieve full compliance. By reporting the most common deficiencies, the agency presents a guide to help industry members focus their due diligence. RumbergerKirk partner Pete Tepley walks us through it. 

Corporate Liability Reform in the UK is Accelerating: Your GRC Teams Need to Future-Proof Compliance  

Corporate Liability Reform in the UK is Accelerating: Your GRC Teams Need to Future-Proof Compliance  

The UK’s just-enacted corporate crime legislation is a step in the right direction but failed to address a wide range of risks and challenges. Nonetheless, in the current climate, more legislation will soon follow. In light of such developments, global risk and compliance teams need to take a fresh look at their UK operations. Does the UK face a corruption...

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