PwC Annual Corporate Directors Survey: 2021

PwC Annual Corporate Directors Survey: 2021

As PwC's 2021 Annual Corporate Directors Survey reveals, societal change is continuing to filter its way into the boardroom, though perhaps in fits and starts. For more than 10 years, PwC's Government Insights Center has gauged the views of public company directors from across the United States, and this year's survey included insights from 851 corporate directors. Key findings include:...

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SLCs and Responding to Shareholder Demands: How to Investigate Alleged Director Misconduct

From investigation to insurance eligibility, authors Edward Glickman, Scott Sherman and Josh Lewin describe a few scenarios you can expect to encounter when you are asked to join a special litigation committee. This article is the second in a two part series. Part 1 explains the underlying reasons for SLCs, the lawsuits in which SLCs are involved, the powers of...

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I’ve Been Asked to Join a Special Litigation Committee (SLC). What Do I Need to Know?

When companies are tasked with investigating the alleged misconduct of current or former officers and directors at the urging of shareholders, they have a few options. An SLC is often the best way forward. Authors' note: This article is the first in a two-part series designed to provide a high-level overview with key insights to directors on what they need...

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Does Your Board and Executive Team Employ Digital Savvy?

Digital savvy is becoming more than a desirable attribute that directors and senior executives aspire to embrace. Compelling research asserts that companies could be falling behind if their boards lack 21st century know-how. It is intuitive that the same applies to business leaders. Boards and business leaders are well aware of the digital revolution taking place across the globe. And...

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After COVID-19, It’s Not a Question of ‘If’ Another Disruption Will Occur. It’s ‘When.’

Most business leaders recognize the futility in predicting the future. As markets transition out of the pandemic, it makes sense to improve the organization’s agility in responding and adapting to the unexpected.       The business model is akin to a finely tuned machine requiring the coordination of multiple components to deliver value to customers according to the company’s brand promise....

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How the Pandemic Redefined General Counsel (GC)

General counsel (GC) say that the COVID-19 pandemic rewrote their to-do list. And with many teams back in the office, once-relaxed expectations are also undergoing a return-to-work transition. Stakeholders may have granted a partial “COVID truce” in 2020, but now companies and boards face new expectations of corporate behavior. New risks for boards to consider around subjects such as equality,...

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The Pandemic Reversed Gender Equality Gains in the Workplace. The Onus Is on Leaders to Correct Course.

COVID-19 eroded gender equality in many sectors, industries and regions. Leaders now have a responsibility to reverse this trend. It's going to require a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic pressure to make that happen. The past year has been marked by significant disruption, with effects felt far and wide. Gender equality has taken a step forward in the 21st century,...

Kearney: The Gender Equality Dilemma

Kearney: The Gender Equality Dilemma

With the global pandemic and a record-breaking year for women in public leadership positions in the U.S., what is the state of global gender representation? Global management consultant Kearney addresses this in their latest gender equity report, The Gender Equality Dilemma, compiled from research examining gender representation across public and private sectors. This year’s study is the fourth annual report and has expanded from four to nine...

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