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A New Way of Thinking About Ethics and Culture

Posted by - August 16, 2018
The Business Case for a Strong Culture of Ethics Culture and ethics are all the rage in management theory and compliance discussions, but we never see them discussed as absolutely dependent on one another. If the ethics of the organization aren’t right, the culture will never be right. We explore this…
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Managing Corporate AI

Posted by - July 20, 2018
A Suggested Approach California-based MoFo Technology Transactions partner Stephanie Sharron and Privacy & Data Security partner Andy Serwin discuss the legal and ethical concerns of using AI across industries. The impacts could be far-reaching and potentially include issues such as unlawful bias and discrimination, violations of privacy laws and uncertainty…
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Using Culture to Manage Complexity and Ethical Risk

Posted by - July 18, 2018
An Introduction to the Strategic Culture Framework The high complexity and rapid change organizations face today make it more difficult for people to make sound decisions. Ethical behavior is highly influenced by the context in which people operate. This is why organizations must re-architect the context (culture) in which employees…
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Dear CCOs: What is Your Mandate??

Posted by - June 5, 2018
Detect, Fix or Prevent Problems Before They Become a Crisis Donna Boehme, the “Lion of Compliance,” explains the singular imperative of a clear, written mandate for effective compliance programs, and offers a Sample Mandate, below. One of the most important features of any compliance program is its written Mandate. The…
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When are Anti-Money Laundering Program Deficiencies a Crime?

Posted by - May 30, 2018
Criminal Actions Brought Against Rabobank and US Bank Kerry Zinn identifies stipulations to evaluating anti-money laundering programs and the importance of cooperating with regulators.  In early 2018, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) brought two criminal actions relating to Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) program deficiencies. This article examines the criminal actions brought…
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Superstar Harasser

Superstar Harasser: Is Anyone Really Too Big to Lose?

Posted by - May 4, 2018
Addressing Sexual Harassment In The #MeToo Era, Part 3 The #MeToo movement has brought to light allegations of misconduct by members of countless industries. As a result, in workplaces and on social media, we’re beginning to discuss in earnest what constitutes workplace harassment and employers’ obligations to combat it. In…
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Key Challenges for CECOs

Posted by - April 17, 2018
Justifying the Role to Strengthen the E&C Function Compliance as a profession continues to grow globally[i]. Compliance departments expand in response to every corporate scandal. Following increased regulatory scrutiny, the chief ethics and compliance officer role is becoming more elaborate and sought-after. However, inside organizations, CECOs still face a number…
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Workplace Dynamic: How Disrespect Can Quickly Become Harassment

Posted by - October 30, 2017
EEOC’s New Civility Training Shows How Thin The Line Really Is Workplace harassment has dominated the headlines of late. NAVEX Global Vice President Ingrid Fredeen discusses the importance of culture and training, and how incivility has been described as “the gateway drug” to harassment in the workplace. The Equal Employment…
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