Dented fender

Stuff Happens

What is better than sending your teenager to a driving class? Also telling her what to do when she gets into a fender bender and gets a ticket. What’s better than that? Role-playing the incident two or three times until she gets it right. Similarly in the workplace, we should not only teach employees about rules and values, we should...

Skydivers symbolizing teamwork

Involvement Is Key to Commitment

You’ve been asked to work on a project that will impact another function in your company (or more than one function). You could go at it alone but you know that those impacted will resent your lack of cooperation after you launch your project. A better approach is to ask them for feedback before you launch. The problem with this...

DeLorean car signifying time travel

Send Me To the Future

If you had access to a time machine today, would you want to go back to the workplace of the ’60s? What if you are a woman? Or Black? Or transgender? In a recent interview, Neil deGrasse Tyson said (at 1:52:00) that if you are an oppressed minority and can time travel, there is no time in the past that was better...

pin on a map

Ethics Ambassadors

Your company opens a second office, hundreds of miles away from the original one, with a skeleton crew of ten employees. No room – and no need – in that new office for a finance person, or a lawyer, or an HR partner. But you know what that new office could use? A part-time ethics ambassador. One of these ten...

Yonason Goldson: The 7 Principles of Ethical Leadership

Yonason Goldson: The 7 Principles of Ethical Leadership

Good ethics is good business. Yonason Goldson, Director of Ethical Imperatives, LLC and self-proclaimed ethics ninja, works with leaders to create a culture of ethics that builds trust, sparks initiative and drives productivity. This whitepaper outlining the seven principles of ethical leadership is adapted from his book, "Grappling with the Gray: An Ethical Handbook for Personal Success and Business Prosperity."

Open door

Creating Safe Space

You see your boss do something that appears unethical, but you are not sure. You are confused because your boss is a good person, one that you can’t imagine doing something wrong. How comfortable are you to discuss your concern with her? Now imagine that when you were interviewing for your current job two years ago, you asked your boss...

overhead shot of two people holding coffee cups as if in conversation

From Awkward to Organic

I don’t really know how to talk about business ethics to my team. This is a phrase that many ethics and compliance professionals have heard from front-line supervisors. They are afraid of sounding preachy. Or of not knowing the answers. Or looking soft. If you are one of these supervisors, here’s an easy way to start: Look for a recent...

Explosions from Israeli rockets fired into Gaza are seen on the horizon past a mosque minaret.

Within Missile Range

A family trip to Israel to honor the memory of my father-in-law turned into a war story. News of people displaced from their homes, followed by protests and riots, police blockades, and then missiles fired towards Jerusalem came on the day of the gravesite service. We woke the next morning to warnings of unprecedented civil unrest in neighboring towns. We...

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