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Compliance Programs Should Track What Really Drives Well-Being (Hint: It’s Not Just Salary)

We are what we measure. What gets measured get managed. These are common phrases that we are taught in schools, through news media, the markets and within our countries. The things that are easiest to identify and have the most energy and support are financial metrics. These can be gross domestic product (GDP), earnings, revenues, percentage improvements, etc. More individuals and groups have raised questions about why we are only looking at financial or economic statistics and not additional measures of successful living.


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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker

Stress Happens. Have You Checked on Your Well-Being?

Regular fare for compliance professionals includes threats of regulatory enforcement, loss of resources, businesspeople who are intent on undermining the program, investigations into challenging areas, audits, ongoing remediations and many other situations. Ensuring that we are emotionally well and aligned with our purpose is important in an era of dwindling resources. Just as we conduct risk assessments of our compliance program and have annual physicals with our doctors, so, too, can we monitor our own well-being.

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Lisa Beth Lentini Walker

Spring Cleaning: Good for Your Physical Space and Your Mental Space

As winter seems to hold out longer than it should, we are faced with the hope of springtime. But spring cleaning can feel like a real chore, both in your personal and professional life. Nonetheless, giving this process a little time and energy can benefit you in multiple ways.



Amy Landry

Abrupt Changes Hijack Our Mental Processes, But We Can Learn to Regain Control

Change is an unavoidable part of life for most people, and when our lives change for the better, it can be a positive experience. But when change comes unexpectedly, such as in the form of a job loss due to consolidation, we are forced to grapple with sudden shifts. Those sudden changes don’t just force a perspective-shift; they may cause a physical and cognitive reaction.


Report: Compliance Officer Working Conditions, Stress & Mental Health 2022

In the decade that Corporate Compliance Insights has covered the corporate compliance and risk management profession, we've heard a common refrain: Compliance is a stressful, demanding career that routinely has compliance professionals at odds with their colleagues. But we wanted to understand more about what exactly makes compliance roles so stressful and to what extent...

Thriving in Our Stressful Profession

Thriving in Our Stressful Profession

Compliance is an undeniably stressful profession. When you combine the typical challenges encountered in the corporate world with the task of managing uncertainty — and then compound this with the all-too frequent issues of limited resources and support — it’s no wonder so many dedicated compliance professionals find themselves dangerously close to burnout. Then top...

3 Steps to Practicing Self-Compassion

3 Steps to Practicing Self-Compassion

Have you practiced any self-compassion lately? Showing ourselves compassion is strongly linked to our overall well-being. Compassion is when we recognize someone’s struggles and feel motivated to comfort or resolve those struggles. So, when we think of self-compassion, it is an introspective way to look at our own struggles and comfort ourselves. It really boils...

Digital Detox for Well-Being

Digital Detox for Well-Being

nomophobia – no–mobile-phone-phobia. The fear of not having your phone with you. Word of the year in 2018, according to a Cambridge dictionary poll. Over the summer, I took a four-day “hard reset” where I completely disconnected from the world. No internet, no phone, no computer, no fitness tracker — really no connection to electronics. Shockingly, the...

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Mental Health Steps Out of the Shadows

Mental health challenges experienced in the workplace are often, by default, suppressed. But patches of sunlight are shining through the cloud cover. Research suggests a supportive culture can elicit both higher employee engagement and greater productivity. The Olympics in Tokyo wrapped up a few weeks ago. What did you take away from the two weeks...

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The Real Deal: Leading by Your Values and Actions

Integrity is priceless. We need leaders who model what they believe and who practice what they preach. Advocating for the company code is great, but trust is built when you live your values out. In a recent Compliance Career Connection event, focused on the art of the elevator pitch, I found myself on the receiving...

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Why Do We Believe What We Believe?

Changing your perceptions and your own behavior can be key to overcoming a challenge. Linda Henman encourages leaders to turn off behavior “autopilot” to make sure what they’re doing is really working. Too often discussions of attitudes, values and beliefs center on the person, making us blind to the power of the situation. Marketers advocate...

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How Beliefs Affect Mindset

Every decision starts with a belief. That is, we base our decisions on what we know to be true — what we believe. As Linda Henman writes, sometimes, however, we believe something that isn’t true.  Both intellectual and emotional, beliefs influence our behavior when facts and reason alone don’t. How do we develop our beliefs?...

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Does Conflict Rob You of Success?

We are a nation divided, and not just by politics. When run-of-the-mill conflict has us viewing our opposition as the enemy, the business consequences can be dire. Linda Henman offers a way forward. During the Vietnam War, Americans experienced polarization that we had not felt since the Civil War. In 70s, 80s and 90s, we...

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The Overwhelmed CCO

A CCO’s most valuable resource is time. But with high expectations and limited resources to do the job well, CCOs can quickly become overwhelmed. Michael Volkov provides a framework for dealing with some of the role’s greatest challenges. Chief compliance officers have a hard job. CCOs know that fact, and they fully embrace the challenges of...

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