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Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Posted by - July 27, 2018
Overcoming Prejudice Through Compliance Training Employers need to remain proactive to ensure there is no question when it comes to company/employee values, standards and behavior. Regardless of how open-minded we claim to be, the truth is that human nature, society and culture have meshed together to produce stereotyping and prejudices…
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Organizations Increase Compliance Training for Boards Following High-Profile Sexual Harassment Scandals

Posted by - July 19, 2018
Training for boards jumps by nearly 30 percent compared with 2017 findings, but major training gaps persist despite a volatile ethics and compliance environment Portland, OR (July 19, 2018) – Leading ethics and compliance software and services company NAVEX Global® today announced the release of findings from its 2018 Training Benchmark Report.…
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5 Essential Strategies to Improve Workplace Culture

Posted by - July 9, 2018
Go Beyond Training to Imbue the Company’s Values Starbucks has been in the headlines lately as its corporate leaders work to show real commitment to change through racial bias training for staff at more than 8,000 stores nationwide. But a single day of training isn’t enough. Piyush Patel, an expert…
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The Same Old Workplace Training Won’t Cut It

Posted by - June 21, 2018
Addressing Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era, Part 4 What has your organization done to ensure employees understand your commitment to a respectful, harassment-free workplace? How do you ensure leaders are sending the right messages? The fourth and final byline in our series will address those questions. with co-author Sadina Montani…
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Learn How to Teach Content that Resonates

Posted by - February 6, 2018
There has been an undeniable evolution in how learners retain, process and apply information. Gone are the days where employees were required to attend day-long, instructor-led compliance training sessions or forced to click through outdated, lengthy, unengaging PowerPoint presentations. If organizations want to ensure that compliance training and the important…
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The Learning Mindset

Posted by - January 31, 2018
Many leaders have trouble making tough calls and find themselves stalled by indecision and good intentions. Developing a learning mindset can help them do better.
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Workplace Dynamic: How Disrespect Can Quickly Become Harassment

Posted by - October 30, 2017
EEOC’s New Civility Training Shows How Thin The Line Really Is Workplace harassment has dominated the headlines of late. NAVEX Global Vice President Ingrid Fredeen discusses the importance of culture and training, and how incivility has been described as “the gateway drug” to harassment in the workplace. The Equal Employment…
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Building a Culture of Compliance Through Training

Posted by - September 18, 2017
Q&A with John Arendes, VP and GM Global Compliance Solutions at Skillsoft Today, we present an interview between CCI’s Maurice Gilbert and compliance expert John Arendes. Skillsoft is a leader in e-learning, and one of the company’s main areas of focus is compliance training. What follows is some background on…
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Despite Scandals, Corporations are Failing in This Key Area

Posted by - August 17, 2017
The Critical Importance of Training Recent events clearly reflect the rising tide of liability risk companies face for retaliation against a whistleblower. Surprisingly, a survey just conducted by NAVEX Global reveals that many companies have not committed to compliance training.  Such training is critically important given recent regulatory and legislative…
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5 Strategies to Infuse Compliance Companywide

Posted by - August 11, 2017
How the CEO Can Support Compliance Many executives view compliance as a “check the box” proposition. In this column, LeClairRyan attorneys Brian Lansing and Patrick Hurd argue that a focus on compliance should permeate the entire organization, in much the same way that Amazon obsesses about customer service. It all…
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The Key to Improving Corporate Culture

Posted by - August 11, 2017
3 Ways to Affect a Different Kind of Climate Change In light of the corporate compliance failures that have entered the news cycle, compliance programs have increasingly focused on the role culture plays in causing these failures. However, while most compliance executives understand the link between culture and employee misconduct,…
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Using Technology to Educate (Not Regulate)

Posted by - May 4, 2017
Even companies committed to a culture of ethics and compliance experience unethical behavior and compliance failures from time to time. In this gap between attitude and action, education and technology can help to unlock a company’s true potential. Both are powerful components, but when working together, they’re a dynamic team…