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AI’s ability to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy can potentially transform regulatory compliance — but not without attendant risk and challenges.  In the short term, the technology can be used to assist business leaders to understand compliance requirements easily and take apposite action, but circumventing human intelligence and our ability to think ethically and abstractly makes AI’s role in compliance controversial and complex.

NICE Actimize Introduces AI-Powered SURVEIL-X Suitability

New Solution to Reduce Compliance Risk for Wealth Management, Insurance Firms Selected by leading global financial services organizations, SURVEIL-X Suitability is powered by new risk detection capabilities which address complex regulatory requirements Hoboken, NJ (April 6, 2021) – Financial services organizations that provide investment advice and which sell life insurance, ...

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Stoke Talent Launches AI-Powered Worker Classification Engine

Palo Alto, CA (March 4, 2021) – Stoke Talent, a leading freelance management system, announces today the release of its Worker Classification Engine. This artificial intelligence algorithmic screening solution is able to offer early detection of high-risk independent contractor (IC) and/or freelancer relationships, which may lead to costly misclassification penalties ...

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Technology Enhancements to the QuantaVerse Financial Crime Platform Extend its Lead in AML Innovation

Wayne, PA (January 5, 2021) – QuantaVerse, which uses AI and machine learning to automate financial crime identification and investigations, finished 2020 well-positioned for continued growth in 2021 due to its dedicated focus on solving AML challenges and a commitment to innovation. In 2020, QuantaVerse introduced a series of technology enhancements to its AI-powered ...

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