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How GDPR Enforcement is Shaping Up in Europe

Posted by - December 13, 2018
(And Why U.S. Companies Should Take Note) The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Europe’s sweeping data protection law, has been in effect for six months, and while fines have yet to be levied against U.S. companies for breach of the law, enforcement is beginning to take hold. Anne Shannon Baxter…
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The Data Privacy Whirlwind Grows in California

Posted by - December 10, 2018
What the CCPA Signals About the Future California is leading the way to pass meaningful legislation on data privacy and cybersecurity. The new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a strong complement to the EU’s GDPR, although many businesses will need to comply with both regulations. This primer by CipherCloud’s Anthony James on the CA…
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The Regulatory Race for Data Protection is Just Beginning

Posted by - December 3, 2018
Global Developments in Data Privacy Cyber crime and increasingly imminent cyber threats have left businesses and citizens concerned about digital privacy, and some governments are responding with legislation. A.T. Kearney’s Paul Laudicina discusses the legal protections various countries are enacting and what the future looks like in terms of data…
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Privacy Law Discussions: Who’s Leading The Way?

Posted by - November 27, 2018
State vs. National Privacy Law Legislation Several states have implemented privacy legislation – many similar to the GDPR regulations signed into law in May, but tech giants are also weighing in on the conversation. CompliancePoint’s Matt Dumiak discusses the differences between data privacy laws at the state and the federal…
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Privacy Is (Now) Your Business

Posted by - November 26, 2018
How to Prepare for New Legislation Privacy is no longer a niche specialty or one-off discussion reserved for big companies with big resources. Mitzi Hill, a cybersecurity and data privacy attorney at Taylor English, discusses recent cybersecurity legislation that just passed in California and what companies big and small, local…
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How GDPR Has Impacted Businesses

Posted by - November 26, 2018
Data Privacy in the U.S. 6 Months On It’s now been just over half a year since the deadline for compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and – predictably – the regulation has affected organizations far beyond the EU. Nick Henderson discusses what’s come to pass…
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“Privacy” Doesn’t Equal “Security”

Posted by - November 21, 2018
The Importance of Knowing the Difference With the weekly reports of cyber events and data breaches, cybersecurity is a trending topic. While the concern is warranted, there is some confusion between information privacy and information security. Just because information is private does not necessarily mean it is secure. Executives, compliance…
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Preparing for Stronger Data Privacy Law Based on GDPR and CCPA

Posted by - November 20, 2018
3 Steps to Bolster Privacy The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may signal a coming global standard for data protection. Why? Business. The pressure is ever increasing to protect data, meaning we are likely to see an uptick in individual state data protection…
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5 Hidden Privacy Dangers

Posted by - November 8, 2018
Lesser-Known Risks for Corporations and Consumers Big data corporations are always seeking new ways to capture data from consumers, and some of those tactics they employ can expose their targets – and at times, their employers – to significant privacy risk. Greg Sparrow discusses some of the most unknown privacy…
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Ensuring GDPR Compliance Across the Supply Chain

Posted by - November 5, 2018
Moving Forward Through Ambiguity Companies trying to find their way to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation are struggling to ensure that their supply chains are compliant as well. The GDPR readiness of suppliers typically remains a black box, but it’s not due to willful resistance. Matan Or-El, co-Founder…
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Risky Business in a GDPR World

Posted by - November 2, 2018
Navigating Privacy and Compliance As the recent data breach by Facebook has made clear, meeting strict GDPR guidelines is difficult. Cory Cowgill, CTO at Fusion Risk Management, discusses GDPR requirements and their impact on data retention and security. If you are part of nearly any enterprise organization, then May 25,…
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When Emails Attack

Posted by - November 1, 2018
5 Tactics to Prevent Phishing Exposure Cyber criminals have used phishing emails to launch the vast majority of cyberattacks. Amid a wave of new data management regulations, the major data breaches of late reveal a critical risk vector that cyber criminals are exploiting: the human. Major data breaches, such as…
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