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The Biden Administration Is Ramping Up Numerous Cross-Border Enforcements. Compliance Teams Should Take Note.

The Biden administration has signaled numerous cross-border enforcement updates that carry compliance implications, including updated anti-corruption, financial and sanctions measures. President Biden has repeatedly promised to make the fight against corruption in the U.S. and abroad a central part of his administration. He has nominated a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman who many expect to increase SEC regulatory and...

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TR says there is no hiding

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The Power of AI in Financial Services Compliance

As the pandemic starts to recede, compliance officers face a Channel Explosion: more data streams than ever before, which makes monitoring risk in a diverse IT environment harder than ever. And of course, this challenge comes amid an increasingly complex regulatory environment and at a time when we're all striving to leverage technology more cost effectively. Join Matt Kelly, Editor &...

Regulation in a New Administration: Priorities for Information Governance Strategies 

Regulation in a New Administration: Priorities for Information Governance Strategies 

A new administration in the White House is always synonymous with change. In the aftermath of four years of active deregulation; however, it’s likely to be a whole new world for legal and compliance teams. As the Biden administration moves on undoing regulatory rollbacks pertaining to the environment, immigration and other policy priorities, businesses should be ready to act. In this...

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