Thomson Reuters: Bank Culture Reform

Posted by - April 30, 2018
Earlier this month, Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence and TR Legal Managed Services co-hosted with two organizations engaged in corporate and financial services ethics and behavioral science research a “Bank Culture Reform & Behavioral Science Forum” in New York City, attended by more than 115 compliance professionals. The event featured expert…
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London's financial district

Third-Party Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions

Posted by - March 20, 2018
Sylwia Wolos, Head of Proposition, Enhanced Due Diligence at Thomson Reuters speaks with Finextra TV, covering topics including the latest third-party due diligence requirements for financial institutions, key new technological developments in due diligence research and the potential for aligning overlapping aspects of anti-money laundering (AML) and third-party risk compliance processes…
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The Impact of Technology on Enhanced Due Diligence

Posted by - August 3, 2017
U.K. news outlet Finextra TV recently aired an interview with Thomson Reuters’ Sylwia Wolos, Head of Proposition and Enhanced Due Diligence. Sylwia discusses ongoing challenges in enhanced due diligence research, the role of robotic desktop automation, innovative search tools and semantic research techniques and the prospect of simplifying research analysts’…
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U.S. Regulatory Examiners’ 2017 Priorities

Posted by - February 6, 2017
This year, U.S. regulatory examiners will be using even more sophisticated data tools and scrutinizing how firms monitor employees with industry discipline records. In this interview, we share expert insights from Randall Mikkelsen, ThomsonReuters’ North American Managing Editor for Enterprise Risk Management, and Richard Satran, Senior Reporter for Wall Street…
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bank culture reform: video

Promoting & Measuring Bank Culture Reform

Posted by - June 8, 2016
Thomson Reuters convened top bank regulators and finance leaders to consider whether Wall Street banks have reformed their cultures since the NY Federal Reserve told them to shape up or break up. This video features insights from the newsmaker event, including from Thomson Reuters’ Global Director of Risk and Compliance,…
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