Jim DeLoach

Jim DeLoach has over 35 years of experience and is a member of Protiviti’s Solutions Leadership Team. With a focus on helping organizations respond to government mandates, shareholder demands and a changing business environment in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, Jim assists companies in integrating risk and risk management with strategy setting and performance management. Jim has been appointed to the NACD Directorship 100 list from 2012 to 2017.

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How critical is sustainability performance, and how is ESG reporting likely to evolve in the coming decade? Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach explores the myriad ways strong ESG performance is vital to organizations. As if it’s a double-edged sword, the pursuit of aggressive environmental, economic and social sustainability goals presents both opportunity and risk. Likewise, a minimalist approach to sustainability is also not without...

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Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach explains that executive management and the board face the challenge of overseeing and investing finite cyber protection resources in the face of an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. Cyber risk is an ever-moving target. Cybersecurity is likely to remain center stage as a top risk for a long time to come as companies continue to expand their reliance on digital...

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Innovation is the lifeblood of every organization. An innovative culture is what sustains reinvention and even the organization itself. In the digital age, executive management and the board have an important role to play in strengthening and nurturing this culture. Jim DeLoach discusses how. Digital transformation is disrupting entrenched incumbents and even entire industries as the pace of change impacts the performance...

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The digital revolution is transforming our world. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach shares how, over the next few years, many organizations will need to undertake radical change programs and – in some cases – completely reinvent themselves to remain relevant and competitive. Is disruptive innovation sufficiently emphasized on the board agenda and in the C-suite? Ask executives and directors what their company’s biggest threats...

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The latest global survey of C-level executives and directors of the macroeconomic, strategic and operational risks that organizations face indicates an increasingly risky year ahead. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach discusses the risks keeping executives up at night. Overall, 825 C-level executives and directors participated in this year’s global study, with 45 percent representing companies based in North America. As with our prior studies,...

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On the whole, boards don’t have a great grasp on technology-related risks, and conveying those threats to nontechnical professionals can prove challenging. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach discusses how to have the conversation in the context of strategy, risk mitigation and impact to the business model. We often receive feedback from board members that they are not satisfied that they understand the full picture...

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Guidance for Executive Management and the Board Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach discusses strategies to enhance the risk assessment process, from ensuring the proper stakeholders are involved to accounting for disruptive change and moving beyond “enterprise list management.” An effective risk assessment is fundamental to risk management and the board’s risk oversight process. Successful risk assessments help directors and executive management identify emerging risks...

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Managing Risk Amid Uncertainty We live in an uncertain world, and it seems to grow more so every day. Jim DeLoach discusses how to handle risks associated with escalating geopolitical tensions and legislative changes, and he poses questions leaders should consider as they look to mitigate risks inherent in the company’s operations. Management’s views and assumptions about the geopolitical and regulatory environments...

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Maturing Risk Management in Light of COSO Updates Recent updates to the COSO framework serve to clarify the significance of the connection between risk, strategy and performance. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach discusses how organizations can get the most out of their ERM programs and three keys to advancing ERM. In 2017, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) of the Treadway Commission released its...

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6 Recommendations to Maintain Effective Risk Oversight As the financial crisis thoroughly demonstrated, an acute focus on short-term gains can be disastrous when risk proper oversight isn’t there. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach provides six key considerations your organization can bear in mind in moving beyond myopic "short-termism" to a more broadly encompassing risk management strategy that includes longer-term interests. While short-termism has been...

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Thoughts on Increasing Cyber Resiliency Companies’ adoption of new technologies is outpacing their ability to protect against evolving cybersecurity threats. It used to be said that it’s not a question of IF an organization will be breached, but WHEN. Jim DeLoach suggests that companies either know they’ve been breached or they’ve been breached and don’t know it. How then, do we move...

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