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AI’s ability to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy can potentially transform regulatory compliance — but not without attendant risk and challenges.  In the short term, the technology can be used to assist business leaders to understand compliance requirements easily and take apposite action, but circumventing human intelligence and our ability to think ethically and abstractly makes AI’s role in compliance controversial and complex.

Thomson Reuters Report Highlights Legal Departments’ View of Technology, Artificial Intelligence

In-house attorneys confident in use of technology, unclear on implementation of AI  Eagan, MN (October 3, 2017) — Two-thirds of in-house attorneys are confident and ready to try new technology, according to a new Thomson Reuters report, Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Legal Departments. The report measures the perceptions of ...

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Reimagining Enterprise Fraud Risk Management

A Digital Transformation Increased sophistication in technology platforms, banking channels and digital initiatives has ushered in transformation in the banking industry. But these changes have also brought about increasingly sophisticated financial crimes. Bank fraud is now being committed by tech savvy criminals who find means to bypass the fraud detection ...

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Improving the Effectiveness of AML Programs

Using Artificial Intelligence to Minimize Risk Money laundering continues to be a serious concern for financial institutions across the globe, as legacy technologies allow an unacceptable number of illicit transactions to go unidentified. However, many forward-thinking financial institutions have begun working smarter by using artificial intelligence (AI), dramatically improving the ...

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