Anju Chopra

Anju Chopra

Anju S. Chopra is Senior Vice President of Technology with Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification (ITBN) practice, based in Pittsburgh. Anju leads the conceptualization, development and implementation of all business critical technology products and platforms for ITBN that help consumers and organizations proactively protect or mitigate ever-evolving risks related to cybersecurity and identity theft.

Scaling Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management with Dark Web Monitoring

Implementing Protections Against Cyberattacks Many recent cyberattacks have come through exposures in third-party systems. There is an evident need to monitor the cybersecurity of third parties, and this puts the spotlight on cyber supply chain risk management (C-SCRM). Experts from Kroll outline what companies can do to protect their systems and sensitive company information. with co-authors Brian Lapidus and Keith Wojcieszek  Many of...

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