Rafael Aguilera Gordillo

Rafael Aguilera Gordillo

Rafael Aguilera Gordillo is professor of Corporate Compliance and International Security at University Loyola Andalusia. He is an academic visitor at Centre for Socio-Legal Studies of University of Oxford and academic member of the Anti-Corruption Academic Initiative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Rafael is a certified compliance officer (IFCA and Cescom) and expert lawyer in corporate crime and compliance, with extensive professional experience in legal advice to and defense of businesses and public entities. He was one of the first doctors in Spain to carry out doctoral research on the analytical foundation of compliance and the criminal liability regime of legal persons. Currently, he focuses his research on the use of game theory and modeling in the field of corporate compliance and fraud prevention.

Rafael holds a master’s degree in Criminal Law from the University of Seville and a master’s degree in Public Law from the University of Córdoba. He is author of the monograph Corporate Compliance in Spain (Thomson Reuters, 2018), which is designated as complementary material of the IV International Compliance Congress, co-author of Compliances and Corporate Criminal Liability (Thomson Reuters, 2017); and author of many articles, including “Standardization in the context of Corporate Compliance.”

Rafael can be reached on LinkedIn.

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