Henry Kronk

Henry Kronk is the Managing Editor at Corporate Compliance Insights. His reporting focuses mainly on technology and education. It has appeared in Exclaim!, the Burlington Free Press, International DJ, eLearning Inside and more. He produced the radio show Code Burst — an investigation into a coding bootcamp that sought to retrain out-of-work coal miners for jobs in tech — for CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal.

A view of the Veriff mobile app

Veriff's IDV and KYC services cross-reference users against government-issued IDs from 190 countries. The company experienced 600 percent revenue growth in 2020. Veriff has raised a Series B funding round worth $69 million. The coronavirus pandemic has spurred strong demand for remote identity verification, and the company says it plans to use the funds to continue to scale its operations in the...

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ESG reporting complications symbolized by knot on leafy background

With the SEC poised to take action on ESG compliance, companies are at an impasse: There’s no clear direction on ESG reporting and no agreement about what ESG compliance even means. Answers to the myriad questions around ESG reporting remain elusive. Standardized — possibly mandated — ESG reporting is likely imminent in the U.S. And while some envision a silver bullet that...

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illustration of a red arrow striking a professional figure.

Retaliation against whistleblowers is spiking. Employees and managers are feeling increased pressure across the board. Yet many ethics programs and cultures remain strong. CCI reached Patricia Harned, CEO of ECI, to discuss the latest Global Business Ethics Survey. The Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) has tracked national and global trends in workplace conduct since 1994. It published its 16th iteration of its...

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Illustration representing a facial recognition technology scan of a face.

Using facial recognition technology for tracking employees in the workplace is largely unregulated in the U.S. While the GDPR in the E.U., a few states and industry organizations have provided leadership, experts believe face-scanning will receive attention from lawmakers in the near-term. On a recent weekend morning in January, Christian Godwin walked into the restaurant on the Jersey Shore where he works...

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