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Sandra Erez waxes eloquent about milestones in the ongoing fight against sexual harassment and gender discrimination, covering cultural shifts, legislation and landmark Supreme Court cases. While we’ve made serious progress, there’s still work to be done, and training will play...

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pants on fire

The failed Fyre Festival of 2017 serves as a cautionary tale to any who’d ignore warnings from trusted advisers and key stakeholders. Sandra Erez discusses how the Fyre Festival went so disastrously wrong – and the lesson compliance practitioners should...

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How Sexual Harassment is Changing American Compliance Corporate compliance has been around for decades – sexual harassment for much, much longer. Why the sudden paradigm shift from just awareness and acceptance to mandated compliance? The #MeToo movement sprung up as...

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Dear CCOs: What is Your Mandate??

Detect, Fix or Prevent Problems Before They Become a Crisis Donna Boehme, the "Lion of Compliance," explains the singular imperative of a clear, written mandate for effective compliance programs, and offers a Sample Mandate, below. One of the most important...

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