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Why Should I Write for CCI?

We share commentary and expertise with more than 100,000 readers from around the world every month. To raise your profile as a thought leader in governance, risk or compliance, there’s no better platform for recognized and respected voices than CCI., the Web’s premier independent source of news for today’s compliance professional. Note: CCI’s editorial content does not include paid placements.  We do not accept payment in exchange for publishing featured articles.

When Should I Write for CCI?

Share your opinion in the wake of breaking news stories. Weigh in following enforcement actions. Offer counsel and guidance on the day-to-day responsibilities in your profession.

What Should I Write About?

Ask questions, engage the reader in dialogue and stretch yourself as a writer to make sure your articles are read, shared and commented on. We prefer to publish content created expressly for our readers, but if you are seeking a wider audience for an original article you previously published elsewhere, we will consider re-posting it with attribution to its original source.

Who Currently Writes for CCI?

Seasoned professionals. Young upstarts. Experienced writers and those who are just finding their voice. Our editors can work closely with you to explore topics and to develop content that is bright, lively and engaging.

What Happens When I Write for CCI?

Your article and bio are published on the CCI website, then we amplify your message by sharing it with CCI’s social media followers.  We encourage you to share the content with your networks as well.   Then your article is e-blasted to more than 20,000 CCI newsletter subscribers. Your content stays on our homepage newsfeed for several weeks, then it remains active and searchable in our archives.  CCI has excellent search engine rankings too, which means your article (and your name) will most likely be easy to find when you Google it. Over time, as you build a following as an author, we may look for other opportunities to showcase your content: exclusive interviews, eBook compilations of your columns and more.

What Other Opportunities are Available?

We can also publish and promote your company’s news releases, white papers, podcasts, videos and eBooks. To learn more about sponsorships, media partnerships and advertising, contact [email protected]

How Do I Get Started?

Query our editor: [email protected]