Frank Orlowski

Frank Orlowski is the founder of Ation Advisory Group. He is an accomplished senior finance executive and board member with more than 25 years of success in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, contract manufacturing and health care industries.

Leveraging extensive experience leading manufacturing, operational and financial strategies across 35 countries, Frank partners with organizations seeking market access growth strategies and country-specific organizational and cost optimization programs. Frank has also implemented over 30 FCPA compliance/controls remediation and certification programs across 25 countries. He can be reached on LinkedIn at

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An organization comprised of humans will have its failings; people are fallible, after all. But this in no way means we should take unethical behavior in stride. Ation Advisory’s Frank Orlowski discusses the human element of wrongdoing. Human vulnerability to situational influence is the main contributor to FCPA violations and controls and compliance issues. As psychologist Dr. Phil Zimbardo published in 1971:...

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