Jean-Jacques Quang, Alain Biancardi and Pierre Moyen

Jean-Jacques Quang is Director at Ethicaline, a dedicated firm in compliance and investigations. With 20 years of experience blending operational roles (CFO and audit) and professional advisory consulting services, Jean-Jacques is a subject matter expert, with extensive experience in investigations covering fraud, forensic accounting and corruption schemes; and has capitalized on unparalleled experience in complex and multijurisdictional investigations worldwide.
Alain Biancardi is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at, a tech company in AI, empowering enterprise businesses and government organizations to leverage their growing information assets. With more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, Alain specializes in delivering practical enterprise solutions, using applied AI sciences and natural language understanding.
Pierre Moyen is Director and Lead Data Scientist at Open People Factory, a professional services provider in data-oriented solutions.
After a career as CTO in the Life Science industry and ERP specialist (SAP and Oracle), Pierre has been developing a “data centric” approach, leveraging the value of information in the enterprise environment.
The co-authors, professionals in AI technology, investigations, data science and analytics, have developed an applied AI enterprise solution dedicated to the detection of weak signals of fraud and corruption.
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