Risk refers to threats an organization faces -- loss of earnings, loss of reputation, or harm of any kind.  These articles explore the challenges of preventing, identifying and mitigating risk. Risk can come in many forms, including financial issues, legal liabilities, strategic or leadership errors, or accidents and natural disasters. Today,  IT- and data-related risks are growing concerns. The following articles about risk look at the issue from many angles, especially from that of compliance officers and risk managers.

Hidden Threat? They Know There’s a Problem, But Companies Are Still Failing to Intercept Real-World Dangers

Hidden Threat? They Know There’s a Problem, But Companies Are Still Failing to Intercept Real-World Dangers

From climate change to the Covid-19 pandemic to hateful political rhetoric — modern society poses risks not only to the people who live in it but the businesses and organizations those people work for, manage and own. And while both physical and digital threats and business risks are rising, a new report from Ontic finds that many U.S. businesses are...

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The Energy Revolution Is Underway: Is Your Company a Player?

Informed organizations in all industries are establishing carbon emissions reduction and net-zero targets. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach explores how strategic conversations in the C-suite and boardroom have an important role to play. Everyone knows that reducing energy consumption is a priority. The introduction of renewables continues as costs decline. The percentage of electricity consumed through non-fossil fuels sources — solar, wind,...

Where Does Your Cotton Come From? Dismantling Global Forced Labor Requires Pinpoint Supply Chain Transparency

Where Does Your Cotton Come From? Dismantling Global Forced Labor Requires Pinpoint Supply Chain Transparency

At any given time on earth, an estimated 25 million people are forced to work against their will. The human rights atrocities alleged in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have rightly generated outrage and political action. New laws coming into effect in the U.S. this year and Europe next year aim to strip the global supply chain of products made...

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SEC Is Pushing Back Against Greenwashing; Bribery, Corruption Investigations Provide Valuable ESG Lessons

Smart firms are investing in ESG programs not just to showcase their cultural bona fides but to appeal to consumers and employees. But these programs can also heighten regulatory and reputational risk. Let’s explore some lessons ESG leaders could take from anti-bribery and anti-corruption probes. FTI Consulting’s Beth Jones, Brian Ong, Edith Wong and Michael Cullen co-authored this article. As...

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Enough! Bringing a Risk Lens to the Issue of Gun Violence

Turning the tide against gun violence requires new thinking. Risk management professional Judy Analco shares a possible solution, taking a page from corporate America. In a small Chicago suburb, America’s 246th birthday party was juxtaposed with a mass shooting. Like most, I was gutted at the prospect of witnessing the inconceivable pain of yet another group of innocents and learning...

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Casualties of War: Global Conflict’s Threat to Business Is a Call to Arms for Cross-Functional Teams

The full extent of the war’s impact on assets and business continuity is unknown, but the time to manage elevated corporate security risk is now. Ontic’s Chuck Randolph outlines current threats while urging cross-organizational teams to come to the table for conversations about risk. Since the Cold War, military conflicts have usually been regional disputes, often involving smaller nations. And...

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Insiders Warn: Governments Are Clueless About the Money Laundering Risks They Face

National risk assessments (NRA) are the apparatuses used by nations to assess their exposure to threats such as financial fraud and money laundering. The World Bank has just released a report on the state of NRAs suggesting others need to learn from the practices of eight “advanced countries.” Anonymous authors plus their confidently on-the-record editor — an insider with vast...

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When Rights Collide: How to Respond — Legally, Ethically and Rationally — to Whistleblower Demands

A whistleblower alleges corrupt treatment by your company and demands payment or else they’re heading for the authorities. You aren’t aware of any wrongdoing and will need to investigate, but regardless, the clock is already ticking. Kevin Griffith, co-chair of the Whistleblowing, Compliance and Investigations Practice Group at Littler, offers a quick response plan.

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Best Way to Navigate the Climate Disclosures Movement? Listen to the Institutional Investors Driving the Conversation.

Intense focus on the environmental prong of ESG is being driven by a constellation of private actors. Institutional investors, in particular, are making their voices heard through the 2022 proxy season by urging companies to demonstrate meaningful progress on climate and environmental sustainability. And in fact, many companies are already doing so in an effort to distinguish themselves in the...

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SEC is Poised to Clear the Air on ESG Reporting. That Means Your Company Has Less Than Six Months to Prepare.

Standardized rule-making on climate disclosures has lagged in the U.S. But no more. Observers like Karen Alonardo of NAVEX Global expect the SEC’s proposed rule to be adopted later this year. Alonardo shares insight into the proposal here, highlighting what companies must do to prepare for heightened disclosure requirements. For years, investors have sought information related to environmental emissions and...

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