Risk refers to threats an organization faces -- loss of earnings, loss of reputation, or harm of any kind.  These articles explore the challenges of preventing, identifying and mitigating risk. Risk can come in many forms, including financial issues, legal liabilities, strategic or leadership errors, or accidents and natural disasters. Today,  IT- and data-related risks are growing concerns. The following articles about risk look at the issue from many angles, especially from that of compliance officers and risk managers.

red flag warnings

Fostering Risk Transparency in the Organization

Serious risks to your company’s financial and reputational health probably aren’t going to walk up and introduce themselves. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach offers tips on digging to reveal these potential pitfalls. Risk transparency is vital to every company. When Mary Barra became CEO of General Motors in 2014, she had no idea her first order of business would be to preside...

parametric insurance esg

Exploring Parametric Insurance as an ESG Authentication Tool

Parametric insurance, which has long been popular in disaster recovery, is gaining steam as a proxy for proving the effectiveness of ESG programs. Nir Kossovsky and Denise Williamee of insurer Steel City Re explore details of this novel ESG solution. New SEC rules, market trends and DOJ guidance have put compliance at the nexus of corporate reputation management. Whether it’s...

lafarge trucks

Lafarge Terrorism Pleas Highlight Importance of Due Diligence in High&#x2011Risk Regions

In mid-October, the DOJ announced it had reached a guilty plea agreement with Lafarge, a French cement manufacturer, and its Syrian subsidiary. While the cases against the companies represent the first-ever material support of terrorism charges the department has brought against a corporation, as a trio of attorneys from Paul | Weiss explains, they probably won’t be the last. Last...


Consumers and Federal Regulators Continue Fight Against Greenwashing

The SEC is expected to publish its final rules regarding ESG disclosures later this year, and in the meantime, both the agency and consumers have been busy making noise about companies’ environmental records. Experts say that without a sober evaluation of claims, you could be risking your very reputation. Edited 10/06/22 “Seafood With Standards.” “Traceable. Sustainable. Responsible.” “These are more...

looking out for risk deloach

Hi, Risk: 5 Thoughts on Widening Your Scope When Setting Strategy

Setting strategy in a vacuum is a fool’s errand. Protiviti’s Jim DeLoach offers five tips on how companies can best consider risk when developing strategy. Lessons over the years point to the importance of integrating risk into strategy-setting. If this integration theme is ignored, risk becomes an afterthought to strategy and an appendage to performance management. In an age when...

amazon web services

Dark Clouds: Capital One Proves Financial Institutions Can’t Rely on Providers for Security

Going by the online handle “erratic,” a former Amazon software engineer conducted an extensive hacking scheme that gave her access to the personal information of tens of millions of Capital One customers, a Seattle jury determined this spring. She’s set to be sentenced this month, and compliance expert Michael Volkov explores the regulatory consequences of her case. Paige Thompson, a...

lloyds of london

Now That Lloyd’s Won’t Cover Nation-State Cyber Attacks, What Do Organizations Need to Know?

Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading insurance market, says that cyber insurance policies it issues after March 31, 2023 will not cover most state-sponsored attacks. Cordery Compliance’s Jonathan Armstrong and Andre Bywater explore what this means for companies and how they should prepare. It has long been the case that foreign governments have used cyber attacks to make money or...

supply chain weak link

Supremely (un)Important? SEC Rules, Market Forces Will Be a Bigger Deal Than EPA Decision for Manufacturers

Though a blow for climate activists, the Supreme Court’s ruling in West Virginia vs. EPA is unlikely to have the landscape-shifting impact on manufacturing companies that some have predicted. Assent’s Jared Connors explores why the SEC’s proposed rules and other factors matter more. The U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling on West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) significantly restricts the...

The 1-Day CFO: A Lesson in the Danger of Shoddy Due Diligence at the Executive Level

The 1-Day CFO: A Lesson in the Danger of Shoddy Due Diligence at the Executive Level

As Moderna’s CFO-for-a-day gaffe illustrates, effective due diligence is equivalent to regular preventive care, something you’d think a pharma giant might understand. But as due diligence and risk management expert Candice Tal discusses, some companies are still unaware of the danger inherent in not digging deep enough, especially when it comes to high-profile positions. The day after Jorge Gomez joined...

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