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If you’ve been part of a decision-making collective, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “death by committee.” When there are too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen, it can be nearly impossible to come to a consensus – or even...

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Companies with a strong culture of ethics have a real competitive edge in the marketplace. Often these organizations outperform the competition in productivity while also enjoying a lower rate of employee misconduct. Culture may be difficult to measure, but CCOs...

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man holding "make a change" sign

Change is not only inevitable, for businesses, it’s mandatory. “Adapt or perish,” as H.G. Wells wrote. And the early adopters, those quickest to adapt, are most likely to survive. But recognizing a sea change early isn’t always easy. It’s incumbent...

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Mental toughness – the attribute Tom Brady identified as what distinguishes the Patriots from the rest of the NFL – provides an athlete or a business professional a psychological advantage over the competition. Individuals with this advantage overcome pressure, anxiety...

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