Linda Henman

Dr. Linda Henman is one of those rare experts who can say she’s a coach, consultant, speaker, and author. For more than 30 years, she has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and small businesses that want to think strategically, grow dramatically, promote intelligently, and compete successfully today and tomorrow. Some of her clients include Emerson Electric, Boeing, Avon and Tyson Foods. She was one of eight experts who worked directly with John Tyson after his company’s acquisition of International Beef Products, one of the most successful acquisitions of the twentieth century.

Linda holds a Ph.D. in organizational systems and two Master of Arts degrees in both interpersonal communication and organization development and a Bachelor of Science degree in communication. Whether coaching executives or members of the board, Linda offers clients coaching and consulting solutions that are pragmatic in their approach and sound in their foundation—all designed to create exceptional organizations.

She is the author of Landing in the Executive Chair: How to Excel in the Hot Seat, The Magnetic Boss: How to Become the Leader No One Wants to Leave, and contributing editor and author to Small Group Communication, among other works.

Dr. Henman can be reached at [email protected].

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The world is in better shape than we might think – an encouraging thought at the outset of a new decade. Linda Henman asserts that worry and a victim mentality impair our ability to take necessary risks. When conducting research for his bestselling book, Factfulness, Dr. Hans Rosling asked simple questions about global trends and systematically received wrong answers — so wrong...

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When you allow circumstances to define you, you lose the ability to respond objectively – and effectively – to a crisis. Linda Henman offers two contrasting examples of crisis management in practice: Merck missed the mark, but Tylenol triumphed. While we were writing The Merger Mindset, my co-author, Dr. Constance Dierickx, identified a new genre of people: the chronically aggrieved. These people...

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Linda Henman offers some guidance on making the kinds of decisions that keep senior leaders awake at night. Among this sage advice: consensus isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and it’s probably time to put those sacred cows out to pasture.   Global economic turmoil has taught numerous lessons — the most important one: When leaders make good decisions, little else...

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The way a leader responds amid uncertainty says a lot about his or her tolerance for ambiguity. Linda Henman explains why those who enjoy an element of ambiguity make decisions differently than those who can’t tolerate it. Most humans hate ambiguity, and as Nat King Cole once said, “That’s a natural fact.” While most would choose to avoid uncertainty, a select few...

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Courage and confidence are prized among key decision-makers. Arrogance, not so much. Like boxers in the ring, business leaders must be prepared for the eventuality of a “hit.” Linda Henman writes about the cost of approaching a merger or acquisition with too much confidence. In response to a question about his strategy for an upcoming fight, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson responded, “Everybody...

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Are you paying employees for their decisions, or just the execution of someone else’s? Linda Henman provides guidance on determining whether you have capable decision-makers at hand and shares how you can offload some decision-making authority with one simple question. Scott, a leader in a large construction company, recently expressed his frustration that too many people in his chain of command didn’t...

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Midway through January, many already struggle to uphold their New Year’s resolutions. Linda Henman shares 13 principles outlined by Ben Franklin that would make worthy goals for this year. We remember Ben Franklin as a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, diplomat and founding father of our country. Too often we forget, however, that he was also...

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How Boards Set the Tone for the Organization Boards who want to move beyond the status quo must take a more proactive role in shaping culture – culture cannot be separated from long-term growth strategies. Linda Henman discusses the critical role boards of directors must play in managing culture. Board directors tend to underestimate the importance of corporate culture when they should...

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john mccain

Taking Cues from an American Hero Linda Henman writes about what set John McCain apart. The virtues he modeled made him an exceptional leader, and the lessons we can learn from his life are well worth every business leader’s attention, regardless of political persuasion. Why do some people conquer the dragon, but others succumb to it? Why can some overcome adversity when...

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3 Questions to Ask About Trusting Your Intuition Some business leaders are able to "go with their gut" and the decisions made as a result are perfectly sound – most of the time. Others don’t have the benefit of such spot-on instincts. Both sets should be making decisions with intention. Linda Henman offers insight into determining whether you should listen to that...

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