Michael Toebe

Michael Toebe is a reputation risk management specialist, helping organizations and executives continuously build reputation capital, protect it and when necessary, respond wisely to damages with more wisely practiced crisis communications and crisis management to restore or rebuild capital as an influential asset and insurance. He is an advisory guide, coach and communications practitioner in the field of reputation with special interests in ethics, governance and risk. Currently he is writing a book on reputation crisis and has been published in Corporate Board Member, Chief Executive and the New York Law Journal.

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illustration of many hands pointing to businessman looking distressed

Reputation risk expert Michael Toebe explores two recent high-profile cases of ethical oversights that have produced very real consequences in terms of social backlash, eroded public trust and harm to the companies’ internal reputations. Ethics are not intended to be fluid, yet it’s transparent that for some leaders and organizations that end up in the news, situational ethics are more common than...

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