A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council has recently released its annual survey of global business executives, and sentiment gathered from C-level executives indicated a remarkable change in their formerly positive outlook on the global macroeconomic situation, despite the challenges that presented themselves at that time.

This year, however, storm clouds have gathered, fueled by concerns about geopolitical tensions, cybersecurity and the economic outlook. This report takes a close look at executives’ attitudes toward these global economic challenges, including:

  • Why China is likely to play a more dominant role than the U.S. in globalization initiatives
  • How the EU’s data protection regulations will pressure other countries to put data privacy regulations in place
  • The likelihood that Global 500 companies will be increasingly targeted with fake news campaigns
  • Whether the U.K. will experience a hard Brexit from the EU

Additionally, with climbing geopolitical instability, a strong majority (69 percent) of executives feel they will be expected to take leadership roles beyond the narrow business interests of their companies.

Download the full report below to read more.

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