EVERFI Survey: Companies Cite Harassment and Diversity & Inclusion Among Top Concerns

Washington D.C. (September 20, 2017) – Leading technology innovator and corporate compliance education provider EVERFI, Inc. today released results from their 2017 Corporate Compliance Network Survey, providing key insight into how companies are prioritizing compliance issues through employee education. The survey went out to 2,000 of EVERFI’s corporate compliance customers, including companies covering a cross-section of industries, including technology, financial services, health care and manufacturing.
“Now more than ever, companies are being held accountable by stakeholders, consumers and employees to prioritize workplace culture and compliance,” said Preston Clark, EVERFI’s President of Corporate Compliance. “The insights drawn from this survey reveal first hand compliance challenges pervasive across industries. It’s our hope that we can start to both understand and address these needs through effective education.”

EVERFI’s 2017 Corporate Compliance Network Survey reflects feedback from companies ranging in size from under 200 employees to 50,000+ and are actively managing the administration of training initiatives. This feedback is directly from the front lines of employee education and engagement efforts at respective organizations.

Respondents ranked the following priorities for 2017-2018:

  • Harassment & Discrimination: 83 percent
  • Diversity & Inclusion: 37 percent
  • Privacy & Data Protection: 29 percent

Given compliance mandates and federal guidance, it is no surprise that harassment and discrimination training is most frequently cited as a top training priority, but what is noteworthy is that diversity/inclusion beat out privacy/data protection for the #2 spot, with 37 percent of respondents identifying it as a top priority for 2017-2018.

The need for effective diversity training is highly recognized by the surveyed companies. Sevent-five percent affirmatively assert value in diversity training from a management perspective, and 66 percent affirm diversity training helps retain employees. The survey also revealed significant hurdles in establishing effective, measurable training resources and the ability to meet these challenges.

Challenges in Training Program Implementation:

  • Only 7 percent felt their organization’s initiatives were “very effective”
  • 64 percent of businesses want assistance in structuring assessments
  • More than one-third do not track effectiveness or completion of training programs

Without effective data and measurable training initiatives, businesses face an uphill battle as they seek to address their concerns while benchmarking their success in meeting these ever-evolving compliance challenges.

About EVERFI, Inc.

Founded in 2008, EVERFI is the largest compliance education provider in the world and the nation’s leading provider of education technology for the real world, providing training solutions that support our partners’ needs and deliver a real impact. Some of America’s leading CEOs and venture capital firms are EVERFI investors, including Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Twitter founder Evan Williams, TPG Growth, The Rise Fund, Advance Publications, Rethink Education, and Rethink Impact. The EVERFI Education Network powers more than 4,200 partners in their education initiatives across all 50 states and Canada. Learn more at EVERFI.com.

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