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GAN Connect Platform Includes Six Modules to Make Compliance Smarter and More Efficient

NEW YORK (November 1, 2018) – GAN Integrity, the industry’s only provider of a comprehensive compliance solution for global business, today announced the latest version of its platform, GAN Connect. The updated offering brings together all critical compliance systems and data into a single, integrated platform to meet all of an organization’s compliance technology needs.

Other software solutions in the market generally focus on one area of a compliance program, forcing teams to invest in multiple products that do not seamlessly connect. This new release builds on GAN’s mission to provide customers with the tools to build a truly connected compliance program.

With six robust modules, GAN Connect powers the entire compliance program in a smarter, more efficient way. Modules include:

  • Risk – Create risk reports and implement mitigation through a global risk library.
  • Policy – Develop, publish and assign policies to employee groups for signing.
  • Due Diligence – Automatically evaluate, track and store third-party due diligence.
  • Requests – Manage gifts, entertainment and conflict of interest requests all in one place.
  • Investigations – Capture whistleblower reports, manage cases and monitor outcomes.
  • Training – Train employees with e-learning courses and tests.

GAN Connect is flexible, enabling companies to customize the platform to their specific needs and business processes:

  • Access a single source of truth: Never waste time trying to locate critical information again. GAN Connect allows all compliance data to be stored in one place, providing visibility and peace of mind.
  • Takes a proactive approach: Compliance departments are perceived as teams that wait for something to go wrong. GAN Connect changes this view by enabling teams to address global risks before they happen.
  • Focuses on strategic decisions: The new platform allows compliance teams to easily complete tasks, generate reports and focus on making strategic decisions about their program.
  • Automates repetitive tasks: The compliance team is able to transition from manual processes to automated workflows that are customized to their program.

Thomas Sehested, CEO and co-founder of GAN Integrity, said: “Compliance professionals are proactive, savvy and strategic. We think the software they rely on should be, too. Most compliance programs run five or more disconnected systems to manage their program. GAN Connect, on the other hand, brings together all compliance functions and unites the entire program. With an integrated solution, compliance teams operate more effectively and bring even greater business value.”

About GAN Integrity

GAN Integrity is the industry’s only provider of a completely integrated compliance solution for global businesses. GAN Integrity’s all-in-one platform for compliance teams is the first of its kind, connecting all aspects of a corporate compliance program into a single, cloud-based solution. Today, many of the world’s leading brands trust GAN’s innovative software to help them better manage compliance. Led by a team of technology and compliance experts, GAN has offices in New York, Paris, London, Dubai and Copenhagen.

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