Whistleblower Laws: Current Issues

Posted by - July 18, 2018
Q&A with Rick Schroeder of Jones Walker Rick Schroeder, leader of the Corporate Compliance & White Collar Defense Practice at Jones Walker in New Orleans, discusses whistleblower laws and protections with CCI’s Publisher, Maurice Gilbert. Maurice Gilbert: What is the most important challenge for compliance officers relating to whistleblower laws,…
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man and woman chatting in office breakroom

5 Essential Strategies to Improve Workplace Culture

Posted by - July 9, 2018
Go Beyond Training to Imbue the Company’s Values Starbucks has been in the headlines lately as its corporate leaders work to show real commitment to change through racial bias training for staff at more than 8,000 stores nationwide. But a single day of training isn’t enough. Piyush Patel, an expert…
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man getting kicked with giant spring-loaded shoe

The 10 Best Ways to Get Yourself Fired

Posted by - July 2, 2018
Surefire Tips to a Speedy Exit Plenty of paths lead to firing, and lackluster (or even poor) performance isn’t the fastest by any means. Linda Henman outlines some of the more egregious ways you can bring about a quick end to a good job. Almost every year, a senior person…
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man and woman co-workers arm wrestling

The Most Effective Strategy for Handling Conflict

Posted by - June 27, 2018
Using the GROW Model to Resolve Issues What if you were send to the “Principal’s office” every time you were involved in a disagreement at work? According to corporate culture expert Piyush Patel, that’s actually not a bad way to handle office conflict, and it could save your company a…
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Dan Kinsella

Managing Third-Party Risk in EERM Programs

Posted by - June 25, 2018
Q&A with Dan Kinsella, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory Partner Deloitte recently released the results of its third-annual Global Extended Enterprise Risk Management (EERM) survey, “Focusing on the Climb Ahead.” Dan Kinsella discusses with CCI’s Maurice Gilbert the findings from the survey, the evolution of EERM over the years and…
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Preparing the Organization for an Economic Downturn

Posted by - June 18, 2018
There is no better time to prepare for an economic downturn than when business is good. With the severity of the 2007–2008 financial crisis still fresh on the minds of many directors and executives, how should companies prepare for an economic downturn in the cool of the day rather than…
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Data Analytics: A New Front in Compliance

Posted by - May 1, 2018
Q&A with Martin Bloor of Cozen O’Connor CCI’s Maurice Gilbert interviews Martin Bloor, who comments here on the impact of companies beginning to utilize data analytics to help identify and monitor compliance risk. One of the keys to help mitigate risk of regulatory enforcement is to constantly reassess your compliance…
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women in the workplace

10 Things Women Need to Know about Getting Promoted

Posted by - April 30, 2018
Clear Steps to Advancement You’d be hard-pressed to find a CEO at odds with the concept of equal pay; nevertheless, we’ve yet to reach complete gender parity on the compensation front. While executives do their part to ensure equal pay, women can fight the fight from the other side, actively…
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manager comparing two female avatars showing potential

The Henman Innovative Approach to Hiring

Posted by - April 18, 2018
How to Build a Bench of Future Leaders When putting plans in place for a future leadership team, timing is crucial. Will successors be ready to step into the positions they’re being groomed for when the executives in those roles are ready to retire? What if there’s a gap of…
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Resilient: John Taft on Doing Right for Your Customers

Posted by - April 17, 2018
How can the financial system be a more positive contributor to social goals? According to John Taft, CEO, author and great-grandson of 27ᵗʰ U.S. President William Howard Taft, it starts with stewardship — putting the client’s interest first. If you aren’t grounded, there’s no way you’re going to make it…
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rubik’s cube on brown background

Leadership Lessons from the Coke Machine

Posted by - April 2, 2018
A Leader’s Formula for Success As leaders move upwardly through an organization, they need to also graduate from their role in day-to-day problem solving. The bigger decisions are theirs to own, but middle management and front-line employees must learn to fix problems themselves so as not to become overly dependent…
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