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Optiv Security announces integrated suite of services that allows clients to see themselves through the eyes of the enemy; enables the modern organization to evaluate its digital footprint and proactively understand the insights of the attacker to pre-empt attacks

 DENVER (August 7, 2018) – Optiv Security, the world’s leading security solutions integrator, today announced “[email protected],” an integrated suite of services that allows the modern organization to evaluate its digital footprint from the perspective of a potential threat actor, from that actor’s intent, and then take prioritized steps to remediate weaknesses. [email protected] is the latest example of how Optiv helps clients build sustainable, risk-centric foundations for implementing proactive and measurable security programs.

“Today’s organizations continue to accelerate the adoption of digital business models and environments to remain competitive. While transforming business to the latest apps and services provides access to new customers through more targeted data, it also creates a wider attack surface for threat actors to exploit and puts businesses at greater reputational and financial risk,” said Chad Holmes, Optiv’s chief services and operations officer. “The assumption that plug-and-play security technologies can thwart threat actors is only one piece of the puzzle. We need to turn things around – take a different perspective, the perspective of the attacker – in order to have a more complete view on the risks to our businesses. The attacker sees things differently. They have a different purpose. They may look at part of an enterprise’s IT stack and instead of seeing protection, they see potential.”

Holmes continued, “An organization needs the right technologies deployed in the right ways, but it also needs insight into where vulnerabilities exist, based on demonstrated threat actor intent and behavior. [email protected] gives clients a superior program to address current threats with the ability to effectively assess and predict future threats. With this foundation in place, organizations can take the appropriate actions to become cyber resilient and proactively mitigate risk.”

[email protected] is aligned across three categories:

  • Threat Actor Profiling: Organizations that do not understand threat actors and their intentions are at a much higher risk of breach than those who do. Optiv combines tailored threat intelligenceThreat Emulation and Breach Response War Games to help clients understand their adversaries, how they are likely to attack and how best to respond when they do. The War Games are real-life drills where enterprise-wide breach and incident response processes are tested, evaluated and where necessary, improved.
  • Cyber Resiliency: Digital transformation is driving business to depend on information being “always on,” which requires high-availability, accurate and fast detection and response to incidents and minimal business disruption during remediation activities. Gone are the days when incident responders can just “take the network down” to respond to incidents, as such actions can have a drastic impact on business revenue in today’s digital environment. Applications and infrastructure need to remain functional even during incidents. Optiv enables clients to achieve cyber resiliency through a combination of services, including programmatic penetration testing, application security and cloud-centric services. Optiv’s Orchestration and Automation and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide organizations with a 360-degree view to allow for fast detection, recovery and response in today’s fast-moving threat landscape.
  • Incident Response: [email protected] includes services that enable organizations to transform incident response from reactive “firefighting” to proactive defense. Key services include enterprise incident managementbreach simulation and digital forensics.

To learn more about [email protected], please visit our website.

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