Mary Shirley

A successful compliance practitioner has well-rounded, substantive skills and also seeks out opportunities to grow and develop. The Living Your Best Compliance Life column features tips and tricks to help you maintain balance in your work life as well as innovative ideas to level up your compliance program. Each month, Mary Shirley shares solutions and thought provoking ways to help you serve your business better and feel like an in control professional while you reach for the stars.

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About Mary Shirley

Mary Shirley is a New Zealand-qualified lawyer with 18 years of ethics and compliance experience that includes working for data privacy and antitrust regulators, in-house and private practice/consultancy across five countries and four regions of the world.

Currently the global Head of Compliance at Masimo, a medtech and audio company, Mary co-founded the “Great Women in Compliance” podcast, which aims to create a platform for the outstanding achievements of women in the field and sharing ideas and provide learning opportunities for everyone in compliance.

She co-authored the book, “Sending the Elevator Back Down, What We’ve Learned from Great Women in Compliance” (CCI Press 2020), and her latest book, “Living Your Best Compliance Life: 65 Hacks and Cheat Codes to Level Up Your Ethics and Compliance Program,” hits shelves in August 2023.

She has been honored by being named a Compliance Week Top Mind 2019, Trust Across America 2020 Top Thought Leader in Trust and Excellence in Compliance Awards 2022 Mentor of the Year.