Mary Shirley

A successful compliance practitioner has well-rounded, substantive skills and also seeks out opportunities to grow and develop. The Living Your Best Compliance Life column features tips and tricks to help you maintain balance in your work life as well as innovative ideas to level up your compliance program. Each month, Mary Shirley shares solutions and thought provoking ways to help you serve your business better and feel like an in control professional while you reach for the stars.

New DOJ Guidance Charts a Way Forward on Ephemeral Messaging

New guidance from the DOJ on what makes an effective compliance program should be mandatory reading for every corporate integrity professional. Living Your Best Compliance life columnist Mary Shirley shares her thoughts on upshots of the new guidance. This month kicked off with an exciting development for informing corporate compliance programs, the release of an updated “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” document from the DOJ. Let’s look at a few interesting developments. Guidance on ephemeral messaging We were teased in a speech last year that some guidance on this subject was on the way, and that promise was followed through with a section in the updated guidance dedicated to this topic from Page 17 onwards. Hallelujah! I think control around the use of messaging apps for business communications is one of the greatest challenges compliance departments are facing at the moment, and this guidance is much appreciated. The DOJ addresses bring your own device (BYOD) situations and expects us to have a solid understanding of the size of the universe of messaging apps and, perhaps most emphasized, policies to set expectations around usage

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About Mary Shirley

Mary Shirley is a New Zealand-qualified lawyer with 17 years of ethics and compliance experience that includes working for data privacy and antitrust regulators, in-house and private practice/consultancy across five countries and four regions of the world.

She is currently global Head of Culture of Integrity and Compliance Education at Fresenius Medical Care, a Fortune 500 healthcare and medical device company with around 120,000 staff, assisting the company with an FCPA monitorship, serving both the legal and compliance departments.

Mary also hosts the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, which aims to create a platform for the outstanding achievements of women in the field and sharing ideas and provide learning opportunities for everyone in compliance.

She co-authored the book, “Sending the Elevator Back Down: What We’ve Learned from Great Women in Compliance” (CCI Press, 2020).

She has been given the honors of being named a Compliance Week Top Mind 2019, Trust Across America 2020 Top Thought Leader in Trust and Excellence in Compliance Awards 2022 Mentor of the Year.