Having worked with those in the C-suite for more than three decades, Dr. Linda Henman, The Decision Catalyst® returns with her sixth book, Tough Calls: How to Move Beyond Indecision and Good Intentions. In this time-tested approach to decision-making, Henman presents an amalgamation of what she has observed — and in many cases, helped create. Her in-the-trenches experiences spurred her to arrive at this premise: To position their organizations for more success, leaders must make tough calls consistently, quickly and accurately.

As her clients emerged from the global economic turmoil that began in 2008, Henman began to see what others didn’t see. Something was standing in their way — usually the unwillingness or inability to make a critical decision. These leaders thought they needed more — more education, more experience, more time or more data. They had enough of these, but they lacked the confidence, courage and optimism to make the tough calls. Through their work together, insightful clients learned that when leaders make good decisions, little else matters. When they refuse to make decisions or show a pattern of making bad ones, nothing else matters. The most successful leaders realized they could no longer push growth. Instead, they had to remove barriers to success — obstacles they had erected themselves.

The compelling stories and surprising research findings in this book focus on real people who actively sought professional improvement and personal development. Working together, Henman and her clients mapped out their journeys, identified roadblocks, recognized the wrong turns they had taken and unlocked their decision-making potential — in some cases, more than doubling the size of their companies. Most of the stories included in this book illustrate how and why these leaders succeeded, but others serve as warnings about what can happen when leaders refuse to decide.

We realize success depends upon ideas — ideas that turn into results — not on style. Only when leaders understand this new paradigm can they initiate major strategic and tactical change. Henman provides definitive, step-by-step advice about how to do just that:

  • Learn how to become the company that could put you out of business.
  • Get more without settling for less.
  • Make small changes that will have great impact.
  • Don’t do well what shouldn’t be done in the first place.
  • Make sure your company will be relevant in five years.
  • Be more funny; make more money.

Find out how Henman has used the ideas in this book to guide her clients to overcome what author James O’Toole aptly characterized as “the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom.” You can read Chapter One of Henman’s new book here.      Or buy it today on Amazon. 

About Henman Performance Group

Dr. Linda Henman, The Decision Catalyst ®, is the author of six books and the founder of the Henman Performance Group, a leadership consulting firm located in St. Louis, MO. Linda helps C-suite leaders make decisions that they must get right and can’t afford to get wrong. In more than 35 years, none of her projects has failed. Some of her clients include leaders in organizations like Avon, Emerson, Estee Lauder, Kraft, and Tyson.

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