Employment Agreements, Contractor Agreements & Negotiating Skills

Training Options Duration: 60 Minutes
Friday, October 12, 2018 | 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Overview: This lecture will provide an overview of how to read and interpret a typical

physician or health care provider employment or contractor agreement.It is critical that any

agreement that an employee or contractor is required to sign be provided to the employee or

contractor well in advance of the start date with plenty of time and opportunity to review and

revise as needed.

The presenter will begin by outlining the difference between being an employee and a contractor,

and what the ramifications are of each classification, as well as providing a general overview of

other basic business considerations when considering an employment or contractor position of any


Attendees will learn how to interpret basic agreement terms and learn how to eliminate the term

“boilerplate” and “legalese” from their vocabulary when considering such contracts. Every single

word in a contract is there for a reason, just because the reason is legal compliance does not

mean an employee or contractor should brush off the need to understand those words!

The presenter will provide various alternatives to agreement terms in areas such as compensation,

scope of duties, reimbursement for professional fees and costs, and professional liability

insurance.Additionally, attendees will learn how to interpret differences in terms that may seem

innocuous to the untrained eye but could result in thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars

in losses to the employee or contractor.

The presenter will also discuss potential termination of the agreement and what terms should be

in all agreements to prepare for potential termination in order to be sure everyone knows what

his or her rights and responsibilities are before there is a breakdown in the relationship that

would result in need to terminate.

Finally, attendees should have the basic knowledge and confidence to understand and negotiate

basic agreement terms as well as the knowledge to understand when they should call on help, such

as a qualified healthcare attorney, to negotiate on his or her behalf.

Why should you Attend: Are you currently working pursuant to an employment or contractor

agreement that you signed immediately upon receipt? Did you receive an agreement to sign on your

first day at your current position with no meaningful time to review or consider the agreement?

Too many individuals sign employment and contractor agreements either without reading them

(either due to lack of time or misunderstanding as to enforceability) or, once having read them,

making the incorrect assumption that all terms are “non-negotiable”.

More often than not, the terms are definitely negotiable and, even if they truly are not, a

dialog about what the terms mean and the reasoning behind their inclusion in the agreement can

provide critical insight into the employer’s motivation and practices.

This webinar will provide an overview of what the various “standard” agreement terms really mean

and how to interpret them. Employees and contractors often fail to protect themselves because

they believe that they either cannot or, that the terms of the agreement cannot be enforced. Far

too often physicians and health care providers will not seek the assistance of health care

counsel to review a proposed employment or contractor agreement until it is already signed and he

or she is already in a hopeless situation with no feasible way out.

Areas Covered in the Session:

W2 vs. 1099
Basic Agreement Terms
Professional Liability Insurance
Outside Employment
Restrictive Covenants
Current & Future Trends in Physician employment

Who Will Benefit:
practice Managers
Health Care Providers
Financial Managers/Advisors
Compliance Officers
Human Resources & Employee Managers

Speaker Profile
Gina L. Campanella focuses on healthcare regulatory and transactional matters federally and in

New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Ms. Campanella has assisted clients with transactional

services and regulatory compliance consulting, as well as general counsel services to small

practices and large societies and medical groups alike. Clients also seek her expertise when

reviewing employment agreements, formation of new practices, separation from and sale of

practices, business structuring, and surgical center licensing and registration, including

preparation for Department of Health, AAAHC and AAAASF surveys of licensed and Medicare deemed

facilities, as well as preparation and implementation of resulting plans of correction.

Price – $139

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