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tom mcandrew, coo at coalfire

Q&A with Tom McAndrew, Chief Operating Officer at Coalfire

  Q&A with Tom McAndrew, Chief Operating Officer at Coalfire CCI: How did you get started on a career in compliance? Tom McAndrew: I started my career in the Navy.  As the Navy started putting more technology on ships, they realized that they needed to create better certification programs to ensure that all the systems operated correctly, specifically the combat systems (missiles,...

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Six Questions with an Ethics & Compliance Officer: Seth Rice

Welcome to Six Questions with an Ethics & Compliance Officer, a new interview series from SAI Global created in conjunction with National Compliance Officer Day. Each post will shine the spotlight on a different member of the E&C community, from established CCOs and CECOs with years of experience to rising stars with a passion for ethical behavior. To be featured in your...

Compliance Job Interview Q&A

Compliance Job Interview Questions and Answers

At CCI, we know what questions reveal a candidate’s qualifications, and we know what answers a hiring authority is looking for. If you’re hiring a compliance officer, you need to ask these questions.  If you’re interviewing for a compliance position, you need to be prepared to answer them. Want to take the process to the next step?  If you’re a compliance...

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Armed With Confidence: The Infallible Edge

With most companies and industries facing uncertainty when looking to the future, there arises the question of how confident organizations are in executing their strategies successfully. More specifically, how can executive management and the board of directors assist the organizations they oversee with facing the future confidently?

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What’s Your Tough Call Quotient?

New Book by Linda Henman on Moving Beyond Indecision Linda Henman is known as The Decision Catalyst™. She's spent her career helping executives and senior leaders to make the tough calls — be they around strategy, succession planning, business growth or M&As. In her new book, Linda shares compelling stories of people who've sought professional improvement and development, with many...

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The Critical Nature of Funny

The Impact of Humor on Decision-Making A sense of humor is an invaluable thing. Not only does it endear us to each other and help to form bonds between us, but it can be a lifesaver in unthinkable conditions. According to Linda Henman's doctorate research, this was the case for many prisoners of war. In her extensive experience coaching executives,...

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The Slippery Slope to an Eroded Culture of Compliance

“Broken Windows” and Employee Misconduct The broken windows theory proposed by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling links disorder to subsequent occurrences of serious crime. Michael Volkov suggests it can be applied in a corporate setting as well. Anytime employee misconduct goes unpunished, more bad behavior is likely to spring up. Criminologists have debated for years the efficacy of the...

Resilient: James Stavridis on an Admiral’s Take on Leadership

Resilient: James Stavridis on an Admiral’s Take on Leadership

3, 2, 1. A crisis strikes. What’s your plan? In this episode Admiral James Stavridis, the former supreme allied commander of NATO, shares leadership lessons from his decorated military career and gives a sneak peek into his new book, The Leader’s Bookshelf, which identifies the top 50 books that can help anyone become a better leader and manage through crisis. “I...

Managing Security with a Mobile Workforce

Managing Security with a Mobile Workforce

Using EMM to Support Remote Teams and Ensure Safety Companies are becoming more open to the remote worker, seeing the benefits in increased employee productivity, efficiency, morale and engagement. However, along with these benefits to employer and employee come a new set of managerial challenges and security protocols, particularly in the use of mobile technology. Diane Conde, Senior Manager at...

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Protecting Your Corporate Culture

The Objective of Due Diligence There is immense benefit to thoroughly vetting third parties, and it goes far beyond avoiding enforcement actions from the likes of the SEC, DOJ and other regulatory agencies. When you do business with risky suppliers and vendors domestically or abroad, you put your organization's reputation at risk – and that's a costly gamble to make....

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Consistency: The Antithesis of the One-Hit Wonder

The Secret to Long-Term Success What separates the one-hit wonders from the long-term successes – the Jeannie C. Rileys of the world from the Elvises? Talent and luck play only a minor part in an organization’s lasting power. Linda Henman suggests there is a bit of a formula to success. Here’s what the hugely successful corporations have in common. We...

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