Fraud refers to dishonest and illegal activities by people or companies with the intent of gain, either financial or otherwise. The following fraud reports, fraud news and articles about fraud look at the day-to-day challenges of preventing, identifying and mitigating fraud.

wells fargo building

Fallout Continues for Wells Fargo

Evidence of Widespread Consumer Finance Violations Mounts On July 21, 2017, OSHA determined that Wells Fargo had unlawfully retaliated against a former branch manager who reported her colleagues for fraudulently opening customer accounts. The announcement marks the most recent in a series...

vault door on laptop screen

Reimagining Enterprise Fraud Risk Management

A Digital Transformation Increased sophistication in technology platforms, banking channels and digital initiatives has ushered in transformation in the banking industry. But these changes have also brought about increasingly sophisticated financial crimes. Bank fraud is now being committed by tech...

storefront marquee for Western Union

A Money-Laundering Nightmare

Failing to quash fraud schemes rampant in its organization and among its high-volume agents, Western Union is $770 million poorer this year. The organization’s prosecution sends an important message to financial service providers: when an organization facilitates criminal activity through...

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