John Verver

image001John Verver, CPA CA, CMC, CISA

Advisor, ACL

John Verver is currently an advisor to ACL. Previously, John spent two decades as a vice president with ACL, with overall responsibility for product and services strategy, as well as leadership and growth of ACL’s professional services organization, including customer success services, training, and technical support.

John is acknowledged as an expert authority and domain thought leader on the use of enterprise governance technology, particularly data analytics and data automation for audit, risk management, and compliance. He speaks regularly at global conferences and is a frequent contributor of articles in professional and business publications.

John is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Consultant, and Certified Information System Auditor.

computer money laundering

Anti-money laundering measures are heavily weighted toward the financial sector, but most criminals have figured this out, and are turning to alternative—and often highly creative—ways to “legitimize” funds.  How directly an organization is involved in such schemes depends on multiple factors—but there is a very real risk that most organizations are, in fact, involved. Fortunately, there are also some very important steps to...

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closeup of orchestra conductor's hands holding baton

Professionals in the risk management field have shifted gradually away from a siloed approach to a more integrated approach. As most of us know, however, the switch is not easy; it can be overwhelming to keep on top of the full range of enterprise risks. John Verver posits that technology is the critical enabler here. Without it, getting a big picture view...

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fraud alert on glowing red screen

How Companies Can Reduce Their Risk Exposure Fraud is a problem for companies of every size – one statistic states that it claims up to 10 percent of annual revenue. Some fraudulent activity comes from external sources, including cyber breaches and theft, but some of it is an inside job. John Verver of ACL takes a closer look at common ways employees...

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