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Satish Lalchand is a Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory principal in forensic analytics, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP.  A certified fraud examiner (CFE), he specializes in anomaly detection and data analytics, business rules development and predictive modeling. Lalchand has in-depth knowledge of fraud rules and model creation for prevention, detection and investigation with a broad range of experience in managing and leading engagements in these areas. He can be reached at

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4 Common Ways Companies Miss the Mark Organizations of all sizes and industries continue to assume the risk of reputational damage, following the suspicion or revelation of fraud. The signals of fraud risks can be faint, but effectively sensing and acting on them is essential. Deloitte’s Satish Lalchand and Martin Biegelman outline patterns of behavior that should not be ignored in efforts...

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Steps to Improve Forensic Analytics Thanks to advances in forensic analytics, we can spot emerging risks long before they come to fruition. But predictions frequently lead to false positives. Satish Lalchand discusses how to prevent them in this third installment of a series on the future of forensics, following articles on the application of data-driven analytics and how the uses and quality...

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Five Keys to Overcoming Data Challenges in Forensic Investigations

Deloitte’s Satish Lalchand outlines steps organizations can take to prepare an effective foundation for analytics-driven investigations and fraud monitoring, in the second installment of an article series on the future of forensics. In recent years, traditional corporate antifraud measures have lost ground against ploys like procurement fraud, employee expense fraud, financial statement fraud, bribery and asset misappropriation. To identify potentially fraudulent transactions,...

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Artifical intelligence: robot hand and human hand

Leading organizations are increasingly integrating human and machine intelligence for forensic investigations.  By combining technological analysis—including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and statistical concepts of cognitive analytics—with deep investigator understanding of fraudster motives and methods, many are identifying, investigating and thwarting fraud schemes more effectively and efficiently than ever before.  But, how mature is your organization’s approach to forensic investigations?  Deloitte’s Satish...

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