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FINRA’s Top 6 Concerns in 2018

Priorities Letter Outlines Areas of Focus Each year, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) shares its regulatory and examination priorities for the coming year, highlighting both new and continuing areas of focus. In this post, experts from Venable LLP provide an overview of the most significant areas addressed in the 2018 letter. with co-authors D. E. (Ed) Wilson, Jr., Andrew...

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Don’t Put All Your Compliance Eggs in the MiFID II Basket

Why "Minimal Viable Compliance" Can’t Be the Goal Major regulatory deadlines often lead firms to settle for minimum viable compliance – taking whatever action is needed to avoid regulatory scrutiny, regardless of the cost. But this approach inevitably leads to an inefficient, patchwork approach to compliance, where new procedures are created for each new regulation. As firms move past the...

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The Top 10 Regulatory and Litigation Risks

Key Concerns for Private Funds in 2018 with co-authors Joshua M. Newville, Michael R. Hackett, Anthony Drenzek, William Dalsen, Alexandra V. Bargoot, Brian Hooven and Lucy Wolf With the public equity markets at an all-time high and private equity fundraising setting new records, it might seem counterintuitive to forecast litigation and regulatory risks. The opposite is true. Disputes typically follow capital, and the steeper the growth curve, the...


The Reality of the Introduction of QDD

QDD (or Qualified Derivatives Dealers) is the latest set of requirements for broker-dealers and banks to apply for if they’d like to avoid the barrage of withholding taxes that have been set forth by the IRS – including the hotly debated 871(m), which sets a transaction tax on equity-linked derivatives with underlying assets as American instruments. And while QDD may...

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What Money Laundering Looks Like in Community Banks

What Money Laundering Looks Like in Community Banks Although they generally have smaller compliance teams and budgets, the nation’s community banks face the same arduous compliance challenges as their larger bank counterparts. Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions can greatly assist community banks by detecting suspicious entities and transactions in an effort to improve regulatory compliance and AML investigation efficiency....

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How AI is Transforming the Anti-Money Laundering Challenge

A Much-Needed Intelligent Approach to Segmentation Anti-money laundering (AML) is a complex and persistent challenge for financial institutions. AI is transforming key elements of the AML workflow and delivering an order of magnitude in performance improvements in the process. Money laundering has become the leading source of compliance fines for North American and European institutions. In 2016 alone, regulators levied...

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