Data Privacy

Data privacy, also known as information privacy, focuses on the proper handling of data usage, consent, notice, and regulatory obligations. It also includes discussion on the right to control how data is collected, shared, retained, or deleted. Our data privacy blog posts and news articles are written for compliance officers, auditors, and legal professionals. They include expert insights, opinions, training opportunities, events, whitepapers, podcasts, and webinars.

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Risk Profiles for Key Employee Groups It’s becoming an all-too-familiar scenario: a hacker steals an organization’s customer and employee data, creating substantial remediation costs, slowing down the business and generating negative publicity. That said, there is a far more common...

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Network security breaches are never far from the headlines, making cybersecurity a priority for many organizations. In order to protect information from theft, damage and disruptions, organizations must keep their network security up to date, using the best practices and...

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The Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) influences the data privacy obligations imposed on companies to protect the unauthorized dissemination data and promote privacy. The GDPR is a step toward one single digital market and has significant momentum notwithstanding geopolitical developments.

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You don’t have to look far for examples of cognitive hacking. Unfortunately, the evidence is virtually everywhere. Many believe cognitive hacking led to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. James Bone cautions that security professionals should become intimately familiar with...

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