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Robert A. Stines is a Partner in the Tampa, Florida office of Freeborn & Peters, LLP. A member of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group and Emerging Technologies Industry Team, he is a trial lawyer whose practice is focused on business commercial disputes, professional liability defense and cyber law. An IAPP U.S.-law certified privacy professional, he also advises businesses on cybersecurity and data privacy issues. He can be reached at To read his blog, visit

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The Real Costs to Companies People get emotional over cyber data breaches, and the media loves to report on the latest hack attack that exposed millions of users’ information. Other than reputational damage (which is quickly forgotten, given the 24/7 news cycle), why should risk managers, executives and business owners care? Because it’s expensive. So expensive that it could hurt profits for...

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The Importance of Knowing the Difference With the weekly reports of cyber events and data breaches, cybersecurity is a trending topic. While the concern is warranted, there is some confusion between information privacy and information security. Just because information is private does not necessarily mean it is secure. Executives, compliance professionals and IT departments need to understand the difference and take necessary...

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