Greg Sparrow

Greg Sparrow is Senior Vice President and General Manager at CompliancePoint. Greg has enjoyed over 17 years of experience in privacy, information security and risk management. Greg has had the pleasure of working on both US based and international projects. He was responsible for the development and implementation of the security program’s responsible for protecting billions of dollars in annual transaction volume. Greg’s most recent work includes security and certification work for Samsung Pay, enterprise risk management for multiple NFL and MLB sports teams and helping to secure critical infrastructure at some of the nation’s largest transit hubs.

Greg holds multiple IT and security certifications covering the Healthcare Industry, Payment Card Industry and federal banking standards.

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Lesser-Known Risks for Corporations and Consumers Big data corporations are always seeking new ways to capture data from consumers, and some of those tactics they employ can expose their targets – and at times, their employers – to significant privacy risk. Greg Sparrow discusses some of the most unknown privacy dangers consumers face today. Now more than ever before, "big data" is...

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What’s Next in Data Protection Laws The GDPR went into effect at the end of May, and California could be preparing to sign a similar regulation into law in November. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPS) mimics the heavy regulation sof the GDPR, and it received nearly double the amount of signatures required to be placed on the ballot in November. Experts...

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How to Achieve Compliance Greg Sparrow addresses the issues of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and preventative actions that must be taken to ensure organizational compliance. Through a "GDPR Readiness Survey" sponsored by CompliancePoint, Greg touches on the research findings and draws probability conclusions. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-based regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal...

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How Businesses Can Minimize Their Risk It is estimated that well over half of U.S. businesses are out of compliance with the GDPR regulations set to take effect on May 25. Businesses are simply unprepared because they struggle with understanding the regulations and whether or not they are affected. Greg Sparrow touches on issues of GDPR, why businesses fail to meet compliance and...

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