The Importance of HR Compliance

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the importance of human resources and compliance issues. In fact, human resource departments face significant enforcement and compliance risks. In addition, the head of human resources is an important partner on compliance. If a company suffers from weak compliance programs, its human resource department is sure to be a liability for the company.

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The Compliance Interview – 6 Helpful Questions

I assess the effectiveness of the corporate compliance programs of the organizations I monitor. Interviews of company personnel have proven to be one of the most reliable and effective tools in making this assessment. While many of the people interviewed are chosen randomly from the company's employee roster, others are specifically selected due to their position, role or risk profile.

Top 5 Compliance Issues Insurance Companies Will Face in 2012

Regulatory scrutiny of the insurance industry has never been more acute. Government regulators from a host of disparate disciplines are intensely focused on making sure we have the controls in place to avoid another financial meltdown. Compounding matters, insurance companies have begun to look more and more like financial services companies, taking deposits, underwriting interest rate and debt swaps, and...

Keeping Your Company Safe: The Top 5 Corporate Compliance Issues Trending Now

Keeping Your Company Safe: The Top 5 Corporate Compliance Issues Trending Now

There is certainly no shortage of significant compliance issues in today’s complex business and regulatory environment. Our global economy has produced opportunities for growth and success that can come with an increased need for governance, oversight and formal corporate compliance. Clifton Gunderson's Jennifer Leary discusses the top five corporate compliance concerns trending today.

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