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September 17 - Peter McGrath headshotA frequent lecturer and author on diverse environmental issues, Peter McGrath, a member at Moore & Van Allen, brings to his wide-ranging clients extensive counseling and litigation experience with environmental issues arising in business and real estate transactions.

Companies’ compliance with Clean Air Act could be at risk

The Environmental Protection Agency will delegate to states authority to implement and administer the Clean Air Act at the state level, provided an acceptable state implementation plan is in place. And the EPA has long allowed for certain exceptions in emissions limits during start-up, shutdown, and malfunction periods. But that has recently changed for more than 30 states.

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Updates to OSHA rules and requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently updated a number of requirements, including for recordkeeping and reporting, which the agency believes will provide greater transparency into companies’ safety records – benefiting consumers, job seekers and even to corporations who wish to benchmark their own performance.

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Do companies have recourse in determinations regarding wetlands?

Corporations wishing to develop on or otherwise use property classified as wetlands must first obtain permitting from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Failing to take this necessary step could mean noncompliance with the Clean Water Act. The definition of “wetlands” in the CWA is notoriously vague, however, so what happens when a company disagrees with what constitutes protected lands?

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Who Should Regulate GMOs?

The task of placing restrictions on genetically modified organisms falls to three primary agencies in the U.S.: the EPA, the FDA and the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. In this article, Peter McGrath brings into question the process of regulating GMOs and exactly which entities should be involved.

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Do OSHA and HIPAA Rules Stand at Odds?

Compliance managers understand the need for stringent protection of employee medical and health information. Managers may not understand, though, that in many cases, requirements to assemble information about workplace injuries and illnesses outweighs the need for such protections. So where do OSHA reporting requirements and HIPAA rules part ways?

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