Renata Andrade

renata fonseca andrade headshotRenata Fonseca de Andrade is working with Brazilian Firms to lead seminars and training programs on global anti-corruption compliance, Brazilian law, governance and contracts compliance, risk mitigation measures, anti-money laundering, improbity law, procurement law and projects specific to Brazilian companies dealing with government bidding and contracts.

Renata is a lawyer and partner at the Fonseca Andrade firm, as well as a consultant in global and Brazilian anti-corruption, anti-bribery and compliance (ABC). After having graduated in Law from the Mackenzie University in Sao Paulo (1989), she completed her Master in Law grad studies at the University of Wisconsin (United States) (2006), specializing in Common U.S. Law, including business and organization, public and private international law and compliance.

Renata is a licensed Lawyer in Brazil and in the U.S. and attends to national and international clients from varied economic sectors, including: health care, advertising and film production, real estate/construction, industrial segment, banks and insurance, among others.  She is Chair of the Anti-Corruption and Compliance Committee at OAB/SP Pinheiros and Vice-Chair of International Procurement Committee at the American Bar Association, International Law Section.

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