Keeping Your Company Safe: The Top 5 Corporate Compliance Issues Trending Now

There is certainly no shortage of significant compliance issues in today’s complex business and regulatory environment. Our global economy has produced opportunities for growth and success that can come with an increased need for governance, oversight and formal corporate compliance. Clifton Gunderson's Jennifer Leary discusses the top five corporate compliance concerns trending today.

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Best Practices for Mitigating Co-Employment and Independent Contractor Compliance Risks

When properly managed, non-employees give businesses a competitive advantage, but improper hiring and management practices can introduce employers to a whole other set of challenges and risk. Matt Rivera breaks down the potential co-employment and independent contractor compliance issues, and discusses the best practices for implementing a compliance program to protect your organization.

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compliance monitoring illustrated with text and icons

According to CCI's Code of Conduct expert Jason Lunday, monitoring - despite being a little understood element of process management - serves as a powerful tool to ensure that ethics and compliance processes continue to work and improve.

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