Avani Desai

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Avani Desai is a Partner and President at Schellman & Company, LLC, the largest niche CPA firm in the world that focuses on technology and security assessments. She is also CEO and co-founder of MyCryptoAlert, a push notification and portfolio app for cryptocurrency. Avani started her career working at a Big 4 accounting firm (KPMG) for over 10 years, where she led a team and oversaw IT risk management and privacy across national service lines. In addition, Avani managed the development of internal and external privacy programs and related practices, leveraging her deep knowledge with health care and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet of things and virtualization. Now at Schellman & Company, Avani has been focusing on growth strategies, strategic client and market development, industry analysis and new services for the last seven years.


COVID-19 tracking app showing location and infected people on blue background

Data privacy is as critical in a public health crisis as ever – if not more so. Schellman & Company President Avani Desai discusses what companies can do to ensure data privacy remains a focal point in the organization’s strategy. It’s official: we’re living through the world’s latest pandemic. And while valuable guidelines and regulations are infiltrating our lives from governments and...

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businessman checking box on chalkboard

Here’s How They’re Failing The relationship between compliance officers and the company’s top leadership is a hot one these days, and there are specific ways CEOs can be more effectively supporting compliance practitioners. It’s a complex relationship, but one bears improving in many cases. Avani Desai offers insights into just what executives can do better. When speaking with CEOs and boards of...

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the board's role in data privacy

Following the Enron scandal and others like it, Sarbanes-Oxley was passed and boards of directors were forced to include financial experts among their key decision makers at the board level and on audit committees. Avani Desai posits that a similar sea change is on the way with regard to data privacy.

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Cybersecurity – The New Normal for Boards

Cyber crime is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Reason enough for cybersecurity to be the top item on the Board’s agenda. Board members often have minimal understanding of the cyber threat landscape, however, and it’s vital for them to know who the stakeholders and experts are, the consequences of a breach and the company’s remediation plan. Does your Board have all the...

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