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DOJ’s Criminal Antitrust Division Raises the Stakes for Ethics and Compliance With Inter-Agency and International Support

Those monitoring criminal antitrust activity now have more clarity on the Biden Administration's approach to enforcement. But that's no excuse to rest easy. The DOJ Antitrust Division has amplified its 'whole-of-government' approach by seeking cooperation from other agencies and enforcers overseas. Recent initiatives target the Covid-era collusion schemes creating supply chain disruptions. .@TheJusticeDept Announces Initiative to Protect Americans from Collusive...

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A Proactive Approach to EHS Compliance in 5 Steps

How can companies and EHS professionals avoid the many risks of non-compliance? This article discusses five vital measures companies should implement in their EHS operations when approaching environmental compliance reporting. With digitization, visibility, collaboration, productivity and sustainability, companies can drive proactive environmental compliance and more effectively prepare for Tier II reporting. There are two truths of environmental compliance. First, non-compliance...

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Cybersecurity Whistleblowers Are Different. Here’s How to Deal With Them.

Compliance teams could see an uptick in cybersecurity whistleblower complaints as regulators expand protections and incentives for those reporting data breaches, vulnerabilities or other cyber-related misconduct. But cybersecurity incident reports require special handling. Here’s how to prepare for the unique nature of cybersecurity whistleblowing. Whether increased plans to protect or incentivize whistleblowers in the U.S. or U.K. result in a...

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Biden Administration Ramps Up Enforcement of Russia Sanctions and Export Controls. Here’s What Compliance Teams Need to Know.

As the people of Ukraine continue to hold out against the Russian invasion, the Biden Administration, in partnership with allies around the world, has issued a series of sanctions and export controls aimed at isolating the economies of Russia and Belarus. The White House now plans to ramp up enforcement of these, along with pre-existing sanctions.

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Five Things to Consider For Non-Bank AML Policies

Many AML frameworks are designed specifically for banks. If your non-bank organization is required to conduct AML compliance, but follows a bank-tailored policy, it can lead to numerous missteps and potential regulator scrutiny.  For many years, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has imposed anti-money laundering compliance obligations on certain financial institutions. For these purposes, covered financial institutions include...

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What Healthcare Providers and Life Sciences Companies Can Expect for Enforcement in 2022

Though the Biden administration's first year kept enforcements light, broad shifts and specific measures taken by regulators are set to affect the health care and life sciences industry through 2022. The following lays out enforcements companies will likely experience over the next twelve months.  After a relative lull in white-collar enforcement during the last U.S. administration, many anticipated resurgent healthcare...

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DAMITT 2021 Report: Merger Investigations Sink More Deals

If your company's proposed merger is subject to an investigation by U.S. or EU authorities, the likelihood the deal will result in a complaint or abandonment is at a 10-year high in both jurisdictions. In the states, an uptick of DOJ and FTC activity is expected in 2022.  Fast Facts United States The number of significant U.S. merger investigations concluded...

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Where Central Banks Stand on Digital Currency

Clamored for in Europe, already implemented in China, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are viewed by many American leaders as unnecessary. The U.K., meanwhile, expects to develop one somewhere down the road. Skadden experts run down where regulators are at with CBDCs, and what may come to pass in the near future.  Rundown of Central Bank Digital Currencies The Bank...

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