Compliance & Ethics Risk Assessment By Jeff Kaplan

Posted by - December 30, 2014
Compliance & Ethics Risk Assessment: Concepts, Methods and New Directions covers an array of risk assessment ideas, methods, practices, tools and noteworthy items of C&E-related history. A compilation of Kaplan’s popular columns for Corporate Compliance Insights, the book supplements and informs C&E risk assessments of all kinds — whether COSO-based…
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How CMOs Can Better Protect Customer Data

Posted by - December 5, 2014
Customer data is one of your organization's most valuable assets. It yields insights into consumer preferences and purchase intentions. But even though the privacy issue surrounding such data is a hot topic among businesses and consumers, it has not traditionally been a priority among chief marketing officers (CMOs). That needs…
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PWC: Metrics By Design

Posted by - September 23, 2014
A Practical Approach to Measuring Internal Audit Performance At a glance Expectations of Internal Audit are rising.  Regulatory pressure is increasing.  Budgets are tightening.  Internal audit scope is expanding.  In this environment, Internal Audit must always start with delivering increased value, but must also demonstrate its value to the organization…
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Tone at the Top: Sustaining An Ethical Culture

Posted by - June 20, 2014
A strong ethical culture, including clear expectations for acceptable conduct within the organization and with third parties, is essential for good governance. Ethical behavior, however, involves much more than a code of ethics. The audit committee plays a critical role in ensuring that an organization’s culture aligns with its code…
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The FCPA in 2013: The Year in Review

Posted by - January 27, 2014
2013 was a significant year in FCPA enforcement. Both the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission continued to aggressively pursue FCPA cases and communicate their views on evolving best practices. In addition to the corporate enforcement actions, 2013 saw the greatest number of individual enforcement actions brought since…
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