Dykema 2024 M&A Outlook

M&A 2024 Outlook

What do the next 12 months hold? Annual report M&A 2024 Outlook What’s in this survey report from Dykema: Dealmakers continue to find solid footing in today’s U.S. M&A market, adapting to a strained financing environment, stubborn inflation and higher interest rates by increasing their use of creative financing arrangements and focusing on add-on and smaller deals. And while the...

Visual Lease Environmental Impact Reporting

Environmental Impact Reporting

How prepared are companies to report environmental impact of asset portfolios? 2024 Office of Finance Outlook Environmental Impact Reporting What’s in this report from Visual Lease: Several new environmental reporting requirements are expected to come online over the next couple of years, but new research from Visual Lease reveals that few companies are ready for the impact when it comes...

PwC Today's Boardroom 2023

PwC 2023 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

Taking the pulse of board directors Governance Insights Center PwC 2023 Annual Corporate Directors Survey What’s in this report from PwC: For corporate executives and directors, 2023 should probably have felt calmer than it has, given the events of the past several years. But the ride remains a rock one. Russia’s war on Ukraine persists, exacerbating global tensions and trade...

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