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Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist, is one of the leading writers, thinkers and commentators on the Nuts and Bolts of compliance. His always practical advice is now collated the most unique compliance handbook available, The Compliance Handbook. The handbook incorporates the most recent pronouncement and guidance from the Department of Justice, including 2017’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs and FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy, to provide the most up-to-date guidance on what constitutes a best practices compliance program.

Learn how to fully operationalize your compliance program

Tom is the author of 12 books on compliance, ethics and leadership, including the international best-selling “Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics” and “Best Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act” and his series Fox on Compliance. He is an internationally recognized speaker on corporate compliance programs. Tom leads the social media discussion on compliance with his award-winning blog, The FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and the Compliance Podcast Network

Download a sneak preview of the following sections:

Hallmark 1: Top Management, Down the Organization and the Board

Hallmark 2: Written Standards

Hallmark 3: CCO Authority and Compliance Function 

Hallmark 4: Risk Assessments

Hallmark 5: Communications and Training

Hallmark 6: Incentives and Discipline

Hallmark 7: Reporting and Investigations

Deep Dive

Tom’s always practical guidance is gathered in this single volume, which will aid anyone from the most seasoned compliance professional to someone new to the compliance realm. The Compliance Handbook takes a deep dive into the topics most relevant to a compliance professional, including the role of the board of directors, investigations, internal controls, the role of HR in compliance, third parties, innovation in compliance, a 360-degree approach to communications, written standards and business ventures.

Better Compliance = a Better Run Company

The link between companies which are run more ethically has long been demonstrated. However, it is only through having a robust compliance program that a company can provide the ongoing oversight to burn compliance into the very DNA of the organization.  By having a more robust compliance program in place, a company is run more efficiently and, at the end of the day, more profitable.

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What the Experts are Saying

Mike Volkov – Founder, The Volkov Law Group

“Tom Fox’s new book, The Compliance Handbook, is a compilation of practical and targeted compliance solutions that will be viewed for years to come as the essential guidance for everyone in the compliance community – compliance officers, legal professionals, senior managers, board members and government prosecutors and regulators. Tom’s thoughtful presentation is informative, clear and comprehensive. Tom, the Compliance Evangelist, continues to advance the compliance profession with his commitment and passion for corporate compliance and ethics. His latest contribution reflects the importance of his perspective to the compliance community. We can certainly count on Tom’s steady hand and guidance to help lead the compliance community into the future.”

Louis Sapirman – Chief Compliance Officer, Dun & Bradstreet

“Tom Fox has been a trusted voice in the compliance community for many years with views on timely compliance and ethics issues that are always thoughtful and thought-provoking. His new work addresses the complex matrix of compliance issues that all companies now face and is sure to provoke creative and interesting discussion.”

Matt Ellis – Member, Miller & Chevalier

“Tom Fox has done it again. This time, the Compliance Evangelist gives us a highly detailed breakdown of the critical areas of FCPA compliance, replete with insights from today’s leading professionals. Far from a repeat of the well-worn platitudes of compliance, this book delves deep into the substance of operationalizing a compliance program in practice by summarizing legal authority, relevant enforcement actions and the most current thinking from practitioners. It is an essential read for today’s compliance community.”

James M. Koukios – Former Senior Deputy Chief, Fraud Section, Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice

“With his deep experience, keen insights, common-sense approach and plain language, Tom is an invaluable resource for compliance professionals and even enforcement authorities seeking a better understanding of compliance trends.”

Jay Martin – Chief Compliance Officer, BakerHughes, a GE company

“Tom Fox has successfully practiced law in Houston for over 35 years and is well-known and highly respected in both legal and compliance circles. Compliance professionals everywhere are very grateful for the many valuable contributions that Tom has made over many years to the global compliance community. Tom is a highly respected speaker, blogger, book author and thought leader in the compliance area. The depth and breadth of Tom’s compliance knowledge and the quality of his compliance insights are amazing. I cannot ever remember raising a compliance subject with Tom that he was not already familiar with. Now, in his latest book, entitled The Compliance Handbook, Tom has generously shared his vast, invaluable knowledge of a wide variety of the most important compliance topics with the reader, including such diverse topics as governmental enforcement developments, tone at the top, building the right corporate culture, risk assessments, dealing with the board of directors, operationalizing compliance and policies and procedures. Tom’s new book is a must read for all compliance professionals.”

Kristy Grant-Hart – CEO, Spark Compliance Consulting and Author of How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer

“Tom Fox does it again! The Compliance Evangelist gives relevant, clear guidance on how to improve your compliance program one day at a time. Each suggestion is given in context, whether it be a standard, best practice or something that came out of an enforcement action. If you’re not sure where to start or how to improve your compliance program, by the end of this book, you’ll have hundreds of ideas! A great addition to any compliance library.”

Carlos Ayres – Founding Partner at Maeda, Ayres & Sarubbi Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil

The Compliance Handbook is a must-read and easy-to-use resource for compliance practitioners around the world. The book is full of practical guidance, compiling in one place examples of real-life cases and best practices. This will be the reference in compliance for many years.”

Dan Chapman – Founder, Presyse Compliance Systems and Expertise

“Every day, thousands of attorneys and compliance experts depend upon Tom Fox’s blog, the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog, to stay current and thoroughly understand the latest developments in anti-bribery compliance and business ethics. His succinct but informal style distills the most complex legal issues into short, digestible analyses with simple conclusions. Mr. Fox’s latest book, The Compliance Handbook, again follows this winning formula that his fans have come to expect. In less than 10 minutes a day, busy compliance practitioners can master key anti-bribery subjects in less than a month by following each chapter’s regimen of up to 30 daily readings and ‘bullet point’ summaries related to a specific topic. Moreover, Mr. Fox provides a unique treatment of issues that are not frequently addressed elsewhere, such as the roles of human resources and the board of directors in combating bribery. Whether used as a reference guide or educational tool, The Compliance Handbook is an essential resource for compliance professionals.”


Thomas Fox

Thomas Fox has practiced law in Houston for 25 years. He is now assisting companies with FCPA compliance, risk management and international transactions.

He was most recently the General Counsel at Drilling Controls, Inc., a worldwide oilfield manufacturing and service company. He was previously Division Counsel with Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. where he supported Halliburton’s software division and its downhole division, which included the logging, directional drilling and drill bit business units.

Tom attended undergraduate school at the University of Texas, graduate school at Michigan State University and law school at the University of Michigan.

Tom writes and speaks nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics, ranging from FCPA compliance, indemnities and other forms of risk management for a worldwide energy practice, tax issues faced by multi-national US companies, insurance coverage issues and protection of trade secrets.

Thomas Fox can be contacted via email at [email protected] or through his website

Follow this link to see all of his articles.

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