Subramanian Venkataraman

Subramanian Venkataraman is a Senior Consultant in the Risk Management Practice of Tata Consultancy Services’ Banking and Financial Services Business Unit. He drives initiatives in the areas of credit risk, conduct risk and other allied areas. He manages research and competency development for the group. His risk consulting experience revolves around ERM, credit risk, market risk, stress testing, model validation and risk-adjusted performance management. He has developed a number of solutions for banking clients and authored point of views.

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How to Automate Processes with Cognitive Computing Margin lending involves banks accepting credit, market and liquidity risks simultaneously and the risk is primarily dependent on collateral value that is highly dynamic. In the credit life cycle, a number of  banks – even large ones – run their complex processes in manual/semi-automated modes that not only are error-prone, but also tend to delay...

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A Framework for Assessing Regulatory Maturity In the current regulatory environment, banks find it complex and challenging to interpret and assess regulatory requirements on conduct risk.  In this this article, experts from Tata Consultancy Services suggest a robust approach for assessing the level of maturity attained by a bank in conduct risk vis-à-vis regulatory requirements and a remediation plan to bridge gaps....

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