Dottie Schindlinger and Kira Ciccarelli

Dottie SchlindlingerDottie Schindlinger is the Executive Director of Diligent Institute. Diligent is the leading provider of secure board communication and collaboration tools designed to promote improved performance for boards and leadership teams. In her role, Dottie provides thought leadership on related topics through digital and print publications, conference presentations, and workshops for board members and executives globally.
Kira Ciccarelli is the Lead Researcher at the Diligent Institute, the modern governance think tank and research arm of Diligent Corporation. In her role, Kira works to conduct and provide high-level modern governance research to inform director decision-making and identify best practices.
A director contemplates information at her desk.

2020 was tumultuous to say the least. But between the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, numerous ESG issues and more, what are the top concerns for directors as we head deeper into 2021? Dottie Schindlinger and Kira Ciccarelli of the Diligent Institute share insights from the latest research. The pandemic has raised hard-hitting questions about the future of the workforce, the “S” in...

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Dottie Schindlinger and Kira Ciccarelli from the Diligent Institute detail how the lingering effects of the pandemic are changing board member priorities based on extensive and ongoing conversations with directors. As timelines for the pandemic continue to lengthen, recent statements from health officials now indicate that a vaccine may not be widely dispersed until next year. Board members have been forced to...

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As the pandemic continues to take its toll on the economy and on the wider world, corporations have been forced to change the day-to-day at all levels; the crisis has particularly altered the longstanding relationship between boards and management. Dottie Schindlinger and Kira Ciccarelli from The Diligent Institute detail this shift and how it might continue to change moving forward. The COVID-19...

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